Spurs in "The Association" Part I

Disclaimer: There are going to be two parts in this series. Today, I bring you the first.

In honor of the world's greatest league tipping off on Sunday I've decided to figure out exactly which NBA player our beloved Spurs compare to.

I tried to not pick any obscure NBA player so if you happen to watch an NBA game this year there is a great chance you can see all of these people play.

And of course, this post is entirely dedicated to the man with the second best voice on Wheeler Dealer Radio, the commentariat's favorite lawyer and future NBA enthusiast, Mr. Bryan Ashlock.

Stick around after the jump to find out who your favorite Spurs player is in the NBA.

Ledley King = Brandon Roy (Retired, formerly Portland Trail Blazers)

Injuries derailed the careers of these all-time greats. Well, Roy isn't going to go down as a legend like Ledley but this comparison is one of the most fitting. Don't believe me? Check out Roy's 2008-2009 season at just 24. By any measure around he was on his way to clearly being the 3rd best shooting guard right behind Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade for his generation. Let's just pretend Roy was able to stick around for about 10 more years playing half of the Blazers games and this one is eerily similar.

Gareth Bale = Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls)

Both stumbled into a big award before they actually deserved it. With their youth and athleticism both have to overcome some minor flaws to truly develop into an absolute monster. At this point they're both talented enough to take their team very far but aren't transcendent talents yet and they can still be slowed down. When on their game they simplay dominate and are fully capable of lifting their team on their backs.

Aaron Lennon = Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics)

The overlooked engima's mean much more to the success of their teams than given credit for. They are both subject to constant rumors of being sent out of town because of perceived flaws (crossing/finishing and shooting/moodiness) but people don't focus on the strengths of their games. If missing for an extended period, the fans would find out their true worth.

Luka Modric = Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers)

This isn't true because of their desire to move on. It's a bullseye because of how integral they are to the success of their team. Both are little guys who are so much tougher than they look and truly are as good as anyone in the game at the spot they play due to such creative minds. They are truly irreplaceable by a single player.

Scott Parker = Chauncey Billups (Los Angeles Clippers)

The veterans struggled to find a place on a team for the early stages of their careers. Lauded for leadership for years they both finally found success internationally far later than most. Both carry unique talents for their position but somehow have been undervalued for too long. Each is truly a winner at heart.

Sandro = Tony Allen (Memphis Grizzlies)

The grittiness each plays with turns them into a fan favorite. While Allen sat behind Ray Allen and Paul Pierce in Boston few realized how talented he was. Only a starting role in Memphis (that he eventually earned) unleashed him. Usually benched behind Modric and Parker, Sandro is becoming a White Hart Lane favorite whenever he gets his minutes with his ferocious defense, work rate and mouth guard.

Sebastian Bassong = Joel Anthony (Miami Heat)

The NBA is littered with ego after ego as most players have little fear of jacking up shot after shot. But, Anthony is the NBA's version of Tottenham's Confidence Free Captain. While Bassong plays with no confidence, Anthony bring less fear to any NBA defense than anyone in the league because he literally won't shoot a five footer even if wide open. It's probably not confidence that inflicts that (smart) style of play but it looks like it's the cause.

Niko Kranjcar = Andrea Bargnani (Toronto Raptors)

Both can seriously come in, get hot and boom your team is back in the game or on top. But they both lead misleading lives. Kranjcar looks tough tackling and strong but instead has deft feet, is a nice passer and is extremely weak tackling. Bargnani is simply the softest interior defender in the NBA who spends more time outside the arc than in the paint.

Jake Livermore = Anthony Randolph (Minnesota Timberwolves)

These youngsters can never quite earn a starting position. They continute to flirt with us through potential but continually are shipped around the league. How long is it going to take the world to realize that their peaks are just solid rotation players?

Tom Huddlestone = Boris Diaw (Charlotte Bobcats)

Someone on here has long claimed Diaw should be Livermore's doppelganger. And they are dead on. But, the similarities on the court between Big Tom and Diaw are numerous. The big men are unusually built for playing central midfield and power forward respectively but use incredible vision and passing skills to be an unorthodox playmaker.

Michael Dawson = David West (Indiana Pacers)

Don't expect anything spectacular from these guys. While they do play a slower (Dawson) and closer to the ground (West) game than most they are very useful and productive at their job. In fact, they are borderline stars at their unathletic best. They are living proof that smarts and some technical skills can take you far. They also are regarded as model citizens. And since I know you're going to ask how I know that, there is proof that David West is below the NBA average of body tattoos which is 34,023.

Giovani Dos Santos = Brian Scalabrine (Chicago Bulls)

Wait, you haven't seen these guys play in a real game for awhile? Rest easy, I can assure you they do both still play professional sports. All I need to say about these guys is they are without a doubt nothing more than A Human Victory Cigar. Apologies, McCauley.

Part II of this series featuring Rafael Van der Vaart, Emmanuel Adebayor, Roman Pavlyuchenko and others will be coming very soon.

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