Thursday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 11, 2011

BARCELONA SPAIN - FEBRUARY 20: Fernando Llorente of Athletic Bilbao reacts during the La Liga match between FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao at Camp Nou on February 20 2011 in Barcelona Spain. Barcelona won 2-1. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Good Thursday morning. Thursday, Thursday, THURSDAY! The day after tomorrow is finally the beginning of the season. My palms are just sweaty with anticipation. It has taken all of my professional pride (what little of it I have) to not go over to SB Nation's Everton blog Royal Blue Mersey and inform them that Saturday's weather report calls for Bale force winds.

And now the "news"

Spurs Face Uphill Battle To Win Llorente-The Guardian

An alternative title for this article could have been "Did You Think Spurs Had A Chance To Land This Guy? Well, Let Me Ninja Kick You In The Soul And Kill That Dream".

Spurs Face Off Against Old Rivals For Ruiz Signature-Daily Mail

Considering that Arsenal are, apparently also going after Ruiz's strike partner, who happens to be 19 and much more in Aresne's age range, I doubt that there is any merit to this. How often do teams pouch entire strike duos in one swoop.

The Tottenham Prophecy Part 1-Dear Mr Levy

High comedy, where else can you get the "Original ITK" translated by BAE?

Turkish Club Scarifices Lamb On The Pitch Pregame, Double Dares PETA-Deadspin

I'll forgo making any argument for or against such practices and just say that whatever your opinion of animal sacrifice they did win handily.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

MLS Inks 3 Year Broadcast TV Deal With NBC-SB Nation Soccer

This is huge for MLS. Many many more games will be broadcast nationally and some will be on American broadcast TV. Furthermore while this isn't the Lexington and Concord of the coming fight between NBC Sports and ESPN it very well might be the Boston Massacre. The spark that begins the coming war between the new NBC Sports and ESPN. On the downside for MLS and American football fans, ESPN has a tendency to objectively cover pretend sports they don't hold the broadcast rights to never existed. Just look at their NHL coverage. And like it or not, sports coverage on TV in America at the moment means one thing, ESPN.

With Friends Like These Who Need Enemies: Spain Boss Rests Barca Before El Classico-Managing Madrid

While I don't think that it was on purpose, if it was, thats taking it to another level.

Torres Forced Out Of friendly With Concussion-We Ain't Got No History

Another high profile European player is out with a concussion. As someone who has had a few concussions and does notice the short term memory loss and occasional blurred vision years later I am very happy to see the European game beginning to take concussions seriously. Now that you know i have had concussions, doesn't that answer so many questions about why I am the way I am? What? You have never ever given me or my life second thought? This is just a projection of my own narcissism?

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