Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 22, 2011

MADRID SPAIN - JANUARY 27: Emmanuel Adebayor is presented as a new Real Madrid player at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on January 27 2011 in Madrid Spain. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Happy game day Spursland! It's another weekday game which all around sucks but a weekday game is better than no game at all. It has been a few years since Spurs have gotten full marks at Old Tradford; it hasn't happened since 1989, in fact. Let's just say I think we are due.

And now your pre-game "news"

"We Can Cope Without Modric"-Van Der Vaart -Sky Sports News

Can the team cope without Modric? The jury is still out. They looked like killers against Hearts, but that's Hearts. I think we will have our answer to this question after tomorrow.

Adebayor To Be Offered On A Free Transfer-Metro

This makes no sense. City paid 25 million for this guy two years ago. Now they are so desperate to get rid of him they will offer him on a free? The reports before stated that the loan deal would include City paying a significant portion of Ade's wages. Now they are willing to give him away. I'd bet this deal, if it is real, won't go through. The free transfer means that we have to pay all of Adebayor's £170,000 a week wages. That is never going to happen. So unless Somebody is ready to write a huge check or Adebayor is ready to take a massive pay cut, this deal could be dead.

Fergie Backs Super Young Defense-Click Manchester

I understand Fergie's logic here. In my day job I deal with nothing but teenagers and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that relying on them is always a safe bet that will never go wrong. I also am a compulsive liar.

Spurs Lose At Old Trafford Again-Dear Mr Levy

Old doom and gloom Spooky23 keeps on bringing those negative waves.

Whats' happening around SB Nation after the jump

Juan Mata To Chelsea Is A Go-SB Nation Soccer

The title race just got a little more interesting. I still think it is a two horse race, but interesting is better than boring

Racism In Spain:A Cutural Perspective Post Real Madrid VS Barcelona-Managing Madrid.

This is stellar, a must read. The first of a three part examination of racism in Spanish football. This takes a deep, and I mean deep look at the origins of racism in Spain going back several hundred years. If you don't read this you are doing yourself a disservice.

Efficency Arsenal 0- Liverpool 2-Anfield Asylum

Anfield Asylum examines why Arsenal are a pile of doggy doo doo.

Roker Report Announces Partnership With The Durham Times-Roker Report

The SB Nation team continues its quest for world domination. Hey ESPN watch your back.

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