Positive Perspective it's what's for Dinner

If you're even an average Spurs fan then you've had more then enough reason for looking into a Zoloft prescription. 
However, I'd like offer an alternative solution: positive perspective.  I'm going to serve this up in three courses & dessert: Modric be Gone, Down goes VDV, NEW Formation! & at least we're not Arsenal!

Modric be Gone:

We've all had more than enough with the Modric to Chelsea drama this summer, and after his near refusal to play yesterday I'd personally be glad to see him gone.  I understand that he's been our creative fulcrum and most consistent midfielder. However, he is not Lionel Messi and therefore replaceable.  The reason a team builds depth is that the first & second choice team should essentially be interchangeable. Our midfield is our deepest position and once healthy again gives us that interchangeability many of rivals envy.  So in conclusion Modric maybe the class of the midfielders, but we have depth there.  The funds from his transfer will allow us to address more pressing needs.

Down goes VDV:

Yes, losing VDV sucks. BUT this may actually be what we've needed.  Despite all of VDV's talent Harry never should have changed the formation just to meet his full potential on the pitch.  His free roaming central attacking role left our strikers without a horizontal partner and put him in the space that Bale & Lennon should be occupying while cutting into the center of the pitch. Losing VDV means that the rest of the front six has the attacking space to work to their advantage.  Additionally, whatever striker we still have on contract to pair with Adebayor will instantly become more productive than last year.

NEW Formation:

At this point going back to the 4-4-2 that got us into the Champions League in the first place would be an upgrade over the 4-4-1-1 for reasons stated above.  However, I'd like to point out that we're currently better fit to run the 4-3-3 from a personnel standpoint than our cross North London rivals. Imagine Adebayor running central with Bale & Lennon flanking him.  Bale & Lennon have the advantage of starting their runs further up the pitch and with room in front & behind defenders.  Additionally, we can now get two of our "defensive" minded mids on the pitch at a time in Sandro, Hudd, & Diarra if we bring him in. (I would have added Palacios to that list but he's on the way out it seems. The third mid spot belongs on Kranjcar at the moment, but in the future VDV can reclaim his place pushing up the middle without robbing the wings of room to work.  Additionally, this formation provides the young'ins (Livermore, Townsend, & Rose first team opportunities.


At Least we're not the Gunners:

Not to be outdone by our 0-3 loss to Man U the Gunners trumped us by giving Rooney three of his own and the entire team 8 in total.  Furthermore, not only are they gifting their class players away to fellow Champions League opponents like Messi gets player of the whatever trophies they're playing epl matches 10 v 11.  Additionally, I understand that Levy/Harry are frustrating to follow in the transfer market, but you don't see our entire squad begging for a mass exodus. We needed a class striker and we got Adebayor. Our management maybe frustrating to follow, but they get the job done.  


Thanks for reading my first post and I look forward to any comments.

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