Community Reaction To Tottenham Hotspur's Carling Cup Loss To Stoke City

Yesterday, Tottenham Hotspur were eliminated from the Carling Cup. Thereby ruining any chance the Club had of winning a fantastic quadruple. On a Stokey day in Stoke Tottenham went out of the competition on penalties to Stoke City. The Potters hopes for a quadruple are technically still alive, but let's be honest they're not very good.

The game featured errors by Heurelho Gomes, shots aimed for row z by Roman Pavlyuchenko, and the debut of youngster Massimo Luongo. Tom Carroll continued the bright start to his Tottenham career and Giovani dos Santos played 90 minutes. Sandro and Younes Kaboul look particularly impressive for Spurs, but that was pretty much it.

The title of this post says community reaction, so let's get to your reactions. After the match we sent out a tweet asking for your responses to the loss. Many of you answered the call. So first of all, thank you. Second of all, sentiment seems to be all on the side of "Thank goodness we're not in another competition". On the downside it does deprive Spurs of another opportunity to play their youngsters, but at least none of the first-teamers will get injured.


I'm surprised how unperturbed (definitely not non-plussed) all of you are. You want to win the Europa League, but not the Carling Cup? I honestly don't understand that logic. However, who am I to argue with the commentariate. After the jump check out some of your responses to out tweet.

First up is Ken DeCelles who runs SB Nation's South Florida Bulls blog Voodoo Five. Ken expresses a rather unique sentiment given the traffic the site saw yesterday. Thanks for paying attention Ken. Gcp2c_medium

No one seems to be overly pissed about the result. The closest I could come to finding something like that was this from our very own theroosevelts. It's funny for several reasons, but I won't elaborate any further. You have to read it to believe it.


Most of you sided with reader MattPeterC who expressed his thought on both the game and Roman Pavlyuchenko in this very succinct manner.


And, the other bookend to our question comes from Jeff Colby. I have to say that I agree with Jeff that avoiding injuries is important, but I'm not sure how I feel about continuing to play the youngsters in the Europa League. They've only managed two draws.


Finally, my favorite tweet of the day (probably because it most closely mirrors my opinion) comes to you from Tom Davis. Congrats Tom. For being my favorite you win one internet. Use it wisely.


That's it. That's the best of the best in terms of reactions. I wouldn't mind doing this sort of post again, but all of you Spurs tweeters are going to have to step your respective games up. That said, the game thread was awesome yesterday. If you bring the same amount of enthusiasm to our Twitter questions these posts will be a lot more fun.

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