Why I hate Chelsea more than Woolwich

I'd just like to preface this by saying that my hated team list reads

1. Chelsea

2. Woolwich

3. Man U

4. Liverpool

So I'm guessing you're all wondering why a Spurs fan would hate any team more than our noisy neighbours and it is a close one up top but it's Chelsea for a few reasons.


If there is one thing that really grinds my gears about Chelsea it's Roman and his dirty blood money. Not only do Chelsea have the ability to spend 80 million on players because they finished 6th last season but they have consistently spent exorbitant amounts on players and were the first ones to make salaries a huge factor in England which has effectively fucked our ability to attract the top stars since even IF we could afford the transfer fee for a Hazard, a Drogba back in the day, a Fernando Torres, we still can't come close to matching the wages they would get. Remember that supposed 35 million pound bid we made for Aguero? I guarantee Atletico considered it but Sergio said no because he'd get paid a pittance compared to what he ended up being paid at City. I think I saw that over half their team that played on Saturday was brought in for more than our record transfer fee. Seriously? Just so wrong. And as if that wasn't enough now they want to go buy Falcao in January...FFP cannot come soon enough.

2. John Terry and Ashley Cole

Do I need to explain it?

3. The fucking superiority complex they have over the AVB situation and their CL win.

They are so bloody hypocritical it's not even funny. When he was brought into the club they all went ballistic saying how he was going to win them the league and how he was the next Mourinho. I've got to defend AVB for his time at Chelsea in that a) Abramovich didn't back him in the transfer market - had AVB gotten Oscar and Hazard he would have done far better as well, b) he supposedly had assurances that he had three years guaranteed so that changed his approach in management - phasing out the oldies early so he could get his guys in and the new system in place. Now as we know AVB was sacked and is now the media's favourite thing to hate so the fact that Chelsea parked the bus to the CL win just created a perfect storm of suck where AVB is now taken to be this pathetic manager in the media and Chelsea fans are gloating like there's no tomorrow.

Ok Chelsea congratulations you won the Champions League. Now go use the same game plan with the same players against the same teams and see how far it gets you. Messi and Robben both missed penalties against you that would have eliminated you. The crossbar saved you 10 million times. Petr Cech and Didier Drogba literally dragged the team kicking and screaming through that tournament.

4. That night in Munich

Just gonna run down the consequences of that game in case everyone forgot

- No CL spot for Tottenham

- We lost out on the money for CL that we desperately needed

- Modric goes - he might have anyway though.

- Lost out on Hazard (although he might have gone to City but we were the frontrunners)

- Lost out on Oscar

- Lost out on any number of other targets in the summer

Fuck UEFA. You can't tell me that fucking Celtic deserve to be in the Champions League ahead of us. They won a two team league, which is now a one team league. If you want to give the title holders a pass into the tournament for title defence purposes sure, just don't remove a team who earned a place to do it (a place that is actually hard to earn, 4th in the Premier League is seriously tough) If you're gonna cut a team, cut some random Estonian team or something. (I have nothing against Celtic, they were just an easy target for this point)

I know we got ourselves into the position where we were vulnerable to being trolled but that was just cruel. The whole nature of it was like a slow death. They somehow beat Napoli 4-1, then edged Benfica and inexplicably beat Barcelona. Then Munich. Bayern miss dozens of chances then Muller scores in the 81st and we think we're safe. BAM DROGBA. Then the penalty is given and Robben fluffs it. Penalty shootout. Mata misses and we think YESSSSSSS...but then no. Then John Terry puts on full kit and goes to lift the trophy. I wanted to vomit. Oh and the European Champions chant and the consistent commentators mentioning it. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!

5. That night at Wembley

Still hurts. Fuck you Drogba. Just fuck you.

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