A handshake

A table sits in the middle of a room. There is no abundance of light, but the two men sitting across from each other see each other clearly. A comfortable but cautiously energetic conversation has been traveling from basic football philosophies, to formations, most valuable assets in players, to the more serious prospect of new stadiums, and nailing down the ultimate expectation: to qualify regularly for the champions league, with a squad capable of chasing glory in any game. As the subjects changed and scotch was sipped both parties tempered their swelling anticipations with the recognition of simple facts like wage structure, injuries, questionable ego's and chris foy.

Levy stands up, grabs both empty glasses and walks a few steps to his mini bar. As he drops ice into the glasses he says, "You know Andre, the time is right for this club." He pours a pair of measured glasses letting the weight of his word resonate, then slides a glass across the table and address the sitting Andre, "the idea of impending failure at White Hart Lane will sell papers especially with your face on it, our fan base has a contingent that protects themselves by trying to find how we'll fail, they'll be right sometimes. Your job will be unshaken by these things."

Daniel takes a slow drink, then continues, "It can take two, three years to get to our goal. Our continued glory will not be established or lost in a span of 10 games. I have built a squad with depth and specialized speed and skill. Tell me again about why the Europa League is so important to you."

Levy sits back as Andre outlines how if our best players can thrive in both competitions with understandable dips in form, then these are the young men to build the team around. The idea of not making the Europa league was not ever present in either men's brain, as Andre went deeper. If we get champions league football this year, or the next, or even the year after..

Daniel interjected, "the team will be ready-made to challenge for European glory and be able to hold our own in the league with more solidarity than recent years."

"Exactly." Andre affirmed.

"it's settled then, ill make the call," Levy said, gathering his things. Andre stood and the two exchanged a firm and excited handshake.

--- The End ---

- oh, Levy went and made "the call" to sign Lloris. They saw eye to eye before, but have been reading the same word on the same page ever since (except for playing gallas so much)

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