Oh Lady Luck, why leave the Lane?

Tottenham have dominated the last two Premier League matches that we've played (aside from 20 minutes or so aggregate time against Everton today) and have come away with...wait for it...ZERO points. Yep. Zero. When we still have to play Stoke and Chelsea this is not the kind of form we want to be taking into these matches, particularly with the Gunners breathing down our necks and gloating that it's all falling apart.

This is officially our worst spell since Harry took over and while we can blame the defenders for the goals conceded against United we also have to see that it's just not coming together. Who knows why? All I know is that I'm having periodic flashbacks to last season - the game(s) against Blackpool comes to mind especially.

Ultimately our defeats have come down to:

*Poor defending - Kyle Walker has been the main culprit lately. Sorry buddy it's true. You had a stinker against United and while you played well today, Leon Osman was your man. That cross should never have gone in.

*Poor finishing - The whole team, supporter base, Joe Jordan and even the banners on display at WHL are all guilty of this lately. Special mentions to Louis Saha who chose to hit Emmanuel Adebayor (and earlier Scott Parker against Stevenage) instead of an empty net, Younes Kaboul for reminding us why centre-backs don't take set pieces and Jermain Defoe for giving us a glimmer of hope with good goals in the FA Cup and then not snagging the crucial goals we all know you have in you.

*Very poor decisions from the referee/officials - Today against Everton we had two pretty clear penalties denied. Defoe being bundled over in the box at about 17 minutes or so and then far worse was Leighton Baines with his handball in the box closer to the end. Add to that the suspect disallowed goal last week against Man United and it paints an interesting picture.

*Just plain bad luck - The post and/or crossbar has been our best friend these last two weeks. BAE smacked a free kick into it last week, Saha hit the post this week.

*What I like to call "the perfect storm" - Injuries. Opposing goalkeepers having brilliant games (De Gea last week). Our strikers deciding to take a collective vacation. The defence deciding it's more fun to have a cuppa and watch the other team run by. A sudden, sharp decline in form by the whole squad. Not enjoyable for fans or players, man up boys and take the game by the scruff of the neck. Seriously, it was only Everton. Come on.

*Poor tactics - Harry Harry Harry. Come on. It should have been Bale on the left, Modric and Parker in the middle with Kranjcar/VDV on the right. Waiting till 3-0 down to make subs last week. Come on man.

I'm severely worried now, we had a 10 point cushion and now it's down to 1 point. Harry, step up. Get your mind away from the England job and focus on Spurs, we need you. We also need Lady Luck back. If anyone has her number, give her a ring!

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