A Useless Exercise Firmly Rooted in Fantasy (or half of the point of being a fan)

Combining my <3 of rosterbation and the ease with which I can be pressured into doing stuff, there was no chance I would avoid wasting my time, and probably yours, with this hopelessly hypothetical piece. There are so many moving factors that could make this entire post irrelevant, and, because it is only April 4th, all of this could be irrelevant before the transfer window even picks up. In writing this I'm going to make three necessary assumptions to provide some framework to clear up the uncertainty. 1) Tottenham finish 3rd and have guaranteed Champions League Group Stage Football. 2) Neither Modric or Bale demand a move away. 3) Harry isn't our manager on August 1. For the purposes of this discussion 3 isn't as important. Still Harry plays favorites, and that necessarily affects our roster construction. I'm selfish and want more freedom, so Harry's gone.

Editor's note: Read this morning's post before continuing if you haven't done so yet.


GK :

Gomes - Outgoing. £1-2 million.

Friedel (1) - 1st choice. I'm guessing Friedel is going to stick around another year. We haven't heard much from him on his future, so I don't know what to predict.

Cudicini (2) - 2nd choice. Domestic cup keeper again.

As long as Friedel is committed to another year a keeper does not need to be purchased to be in North London next season. Ideally we could agree to a deal with a team where the parent club would take the player back for another season in exchange for a lower transfer fee. I'm going to suggest Krul at £7.5 million.

Net transfers: - £6.5

1st team roster spots left: 23


Naughton (3) - 2nd choice RB, 3rd choice LB

Walker - I'm fully on the Sell Walker If He Has A Good Summer* bandwagon. If he has a huge summer, considering the premium on young English talent, I think we could realistically get something like £12.5-£17.5 million for him from a team like Chelsea. I wouldn't sell him for anything under £12.5 million.

Corluka (4) - 1st choice RB. Cover for CB

Kaboul - Kaboul has been immense for us this year. He's probably the best CB out of the current squad. But CB is a position of great depth with Caulker returning. I would consider selling Dawson over Kaboul, but injuries have likely ruined Dawson's price tag. Hopefully we could net around £10 million for Kaboul.

Dawson (5) - 1st choice CB. Hopefully returning completely healthy and ready to go at the beginning of next season.

King (6) - 2nd choice CB. Everyone that talks about not offering him another 1 year contract makes me all :(.

Gallas - Take him out behind the woodshed, or let him go on a free. Whichever one Levy prefers works for me.

Nelsen Squad Player (7) - 3rd choice CB. Hopefully sign him to a 1 year contract.

Caulker (U21) - 2nd choice CB. My goal would be to transition Caulker from a back-up to first choice by the end of the year. We could net £ for Dawson at the end of next season and lower the wage bill.

Bassong - Obvious choice to sell. £4 million is a realistic price tag I think

BAE (8) - 1st choice LB. Nothing much to say here except I think Benny has made huge strides in his passing this year and has coped well when stranded on the left wing by himself. <3 so hard

Rose (9) - 2nd choice LB. Rose is going to need to come up good next year with the congested fixture list. Benny has been overused this year, possibly because of a hesitance to play Rose before he is ready.

*title of bandwagon pending

Even though Kaboul has been our rock at the back this season, he is prone to mental lapses from time to time. The plan is to sell him while his value has peaked and bring in a more capable replacement. Vertonghen is the name constantly being thrown around, and he has mentioned Tottenham in the press. Coming from Ajax on not exorbitant wages, there is no reason to think this transfer is unrealistic. The defensive unit has been much improved for Tottenham this year. When playing the 4-2-3-1 formation, Tottenham have looked defensively stable and creative at the front. These transfer moves would make us stronger, younger, and more versatile.

Incoming: Vertonghen (10) at £12.5 million. I wasn't sure on the exact £, so I just split Kevin's price range from twitter.

Net transfers : ~ £15 million

Net transfers overall: £8.5

Remaining roster spots: 15



Bale (11) - 1st choice. Not much to say. Hope he stays like 4ever

Lennon (12)- 1st choice. There are some obvious health problems.

Pienaar (13) - 2nd choice. A bloated fixture list and a particularly injury prone right winger demands depth. Pienaar has once again been fantastic for Everton. His memorable performances for Tottenham were against Milan in the CL. I think there will be a place for him in the squad, especially against tougher CL foes that demand a more defensive lineup.

Bentley - Considering the onus Mr. Bentley places on our wage bill, I'd be happy to let him go for a free. Anything more is gravy.

Townsend (U21) - Squad Player. I'm not sure when the cut off is for the U21 rule, but Townsend turns 21 on July 16. If he doesn't qualify for a U21 spot, then ship him out. We need the space. If not, Townsend would provide decent cover for both wings and LB. If he does not get enough games to develop between the domestic cups and whenever he is need as cover, then loan him out to a lower PL side in January.

Dos Santos (14) - Squad Player. This is really why I shipped Harry out. <3 u forever Gio

One of our main problems this season has been a lack of depth, especially on the right wing. Bale has looked tired at times, and Harry refuses to give Gio a run out. Even with our new manager, from whom I will DEMAND playing time for Gio, there is a lack of depth on the wings. Hoilett on a free is the perfect, most Tottenham answer to this problem. He's free. He has pace. And he's young. Sounds like a perfect simple second team solution to a second team problem.

Incoming: Hoilett (15) 2nd choice.


Van Der Vaart (16) - 1st choice. Whether we play 4-4-1-1, 4-2-3-1, or god forbid a 4-4-2, I always advocate VDV starting. His work rate, vision, and finishing make him a must start. Corluka as the main RB will provide a more solid defensive cover if Rafa is stuck on the right wing.

Kranjcar (17) - 2ndchoice. I wasn't sure where to put him. AM/LM/RM? Niko can fill in across the board. He is one of the more classy players we have, and I'll be sad to ever see him leave. As long as he is happy being a back-up, I'll be glad he is still with us.


Scotty Parker (18) - 1st choice. RAF Captain and my Tottenham captain when King is out.

Sandro (19) - 2nd choice. 1st choice for me when we play a 4-2-3-1.

Livermore (20) - Squad player. Obviously below the rest of our CM's on the pecking order, but that is not an insult. Livermore has looked good for us recently. He's a tidy little player.

Huddlestone (21) - 2nd choice. I've missed you Huddlefro.

Modric (22) - 1st choice. I'll be sad to see him go when he does. Such an amazing player to watch every week.

Jenas - Goodbye. £2 million sounds about right.

Our midfield is the one place that probably doesn't need any serious improvement. The winger depth problem has been solved without spending money.

Net Transfer: £2 million

Net Transfers Overall: £10.5 million


Saha (23) - 3rd choice. About as good as it can get for our third choice striker. I'm perfectly content with this.

Defoe - Outgoing. He doesn't fit our style. He's selfish. And we need the roster spot. I'm unsure of a price tag to put on him, but I don't want to get greedy because we really do need the roster spot. I'll go ahead and say £7.5 as a good middle ground. I would be happy to go lower though. Thanks for your service Jermaine.

This is where we have the most freedom to operate. Honesty it's hard to stay realistic here. I think Adebayor is a good place to start though. No one is going to pay £170k/week for a player that has a weaker shot than I do, and I doubt Manny wants to go rot on the City bench for another couple of years. I may be a little naive with regards to this, but I'm optimistic we can sign Manny to a contract with a £4 million signing on fee and £100k/week. He seems to have enjoyed his time here, and I can't see many teams beating what we have to offer.

The second striker is where I struggle to maintain any sense of realism. We have been connected to some big names. Remy, Damiao, and Llorente (lolsorryKevin) would all be great. I'd love to see someone like Soldado be brought in. I'll be rooting for Malaga and Levante to make a push in La Liga. I don't actually think we can or will sign any of these players though, but the optimist wants to leave a £25-30 million blank check and the final squad spot here and hope we can entice one of these players.


Adebayor (24) : 1st choice. £10 million would be the average of the two figures I keep seeing thrown out there, £8 mill and £12 mill. City want him off their books, and Manny is over his peak with minimal sell on value.

Net Transfer - £31.5 million

Net Transfer Overall: - £21 million.

This seems to be a perfectly reasonable Spursian summer. £21 million pounds is a huge amount of money for Levy to spend in a single year, but considering our position I don't think the money is unrealistic. I do doubt we will be able to bring in a world class striker, but we can always dream, right? Still without a world class striker, I think these moves leave us in a better position than last season, and, depending on moves made by our rivals, favorites for a return to the CL in 2013-2014.

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