Spurs will always let us down and we will always love them for it.

Tomorrow afternoon, arguably the most important game of Tottenham Hotspur’s season will be played in Germany and there won't be a single player in a Spurs kit on the field. Bayern Munich will take on Chelsea FC in the Champions League final, but more importantly to us, they will decide whether Spurs will participate in Europe’s premier competition next season. For those of us who support the lilywhite side of North London, it will be frustrating, nerve wracking, and possibly do more damage to our health than 10 St. Patrick’s Days combined, but let’s be real. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

If we wanted things the easy way, we’d be enjoying the time dilation effects of Old Trafford, telling everyone who gets within 10 feet of us how good FC Barcelona is, preparing for Real Madrid’s half dozen competitive fixtures every year, sending text messages at the Emirates, or throwing away our old Chelsea kits after our new City kits show up in the mail.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan of Tottenham Hotspur and that means I already know two things about you: you crave the glory of the game and you are used to doing things the hard way. Sure I guess it would be nice if Tottenham swept all before them with an ease that would make Real Madrid blush. But c’mon, where would the fun be in that?

We are Tottenham fans because we want to see the game played the right way and we didn’t want to do it the easy way. We’ll leave that road of easy trophies and endless youth academy products for the band wagoners and the noveau riche of the footballing world. We’re fine with our high ideals, high expectations, and crushing disappointments, thank you very much.

All of us here want to win trophies and tournaments, but if that’s what we really cared about, none of us would be Spurs fans. Danny Blanchflower once said "The great fallacy is that the game is first and last about winning. It is nothing of the kind. The game is about glory, it is about doing things in style and with a flourish, about going out and beating the other lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom." We’re here because Spurs are a team that reaches for glory, especially when it’s out of our grasp and even when it bites us in the ass. Always striving, always reaching, always daring.

Let’s be clear, Saturday is a situation entirely of our own making. It’s due to a dumb manager, bad tactics, out of position players, no squad rotation, the FA, and a million other things that are nearly all our own creation. Sure it pisses us off, but c’mon, if we did it the easy way, it wouldn’t be Spurs. Doing it this way builds character. Doing it this way creates a fan base that sings it heart out wherever the team goes. Doing it this way keeps the living rooms of Spurs fans louder than the entire Emirates.

The Champions League Final means everything and means nothing all at once, because Champions League football or not, next year there will still eleven men in a Lilywhite shirt, going forward, going for glory. Whether they’re in Madrid, some god forsaken Eastern European city playing Dynamo Moneybags, or fucking running about a bit on a frozen pitch in Blackpool they will thrill, they will enthrall, and they will probably leave themselves way too open at the back.

You can moan about it, you can throw things, and you can swear a blood feud on Harry Redknapp’s house, but as frustrating as it will inevitably be, this is Spurs and this is why we’re all here. And whether you’ll admit it or not, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

So here we go. Once more into the breach. Relying on a situation entirely out of our control to avoid a disaster entirely of our own making.

Come on you Bayerns. (And if you could win it as stressfully as possibly, I’m sure I’ll appreciate it on some level.)

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