An Ode to Daniel Levy

What do we do with Daniel Levy? Our chairman is one of the most frustratingly brilliant men on the face of the world. Credit to him, he's done some very good things at the club. He successfully runs a Champions League calibre club season in season out on a 70k/week wage cap - which is reasonable but Chelsea, Man City and Real Madrid have just messed up everything wages wise. His constant hard stance has hurt us in the past causing us to lose out on transfer targets time and again. It also means we have endless dead wood in the team - I'm looking at you and your far too perfect hair David Bentley.

SIDE NOTE: I hate Joe Lewis. He is a billionaire, he owns Tottenham and he refuses to put any money into it. Learn from Abramovich you tight-arse. At least pay for the new stadium if you won't pull a Roman and buy Hazard and Hulk when the team has no manager. Seriously. Sell Spurs to a rich guy who will put money into it or put some of your own funds in thanks.


Daniel Levy was the man of the hour last transfer window, staunchly refusing to sell Luka Modric to the vultures from Stamford Bridge. He's also been very clever in the transfer market recently namely in the form of Rafael Van Der Vaart's deadline day transfer in 2010/11. That's pretty much where my praise for the man ends when it comes to transfers. Tottenham have money, we know this. Not Man City levels of money, but we have money. I do give Levy some slack since the wage cap has been a major hindrance here...but that can be worked around with sign on bonuses and such. Despite this we should be making bigger (or at least better) signings.

There are two main issues that we have with transfers. The ambition of the signings and the amount of money being spent.

Since Berbatov left we haven't had a world class striker. That was a long time ago now. We've been crying out for him to spend some bloody money investing in a striker for years now. Every window we get linked with every striker known to man. (There is an excellent piece written about this very issue on the site) Every time we get disappointed. January in particular. We're linked with Damiao, Remy, Llorente, permanent Adebayor. Who do we sign? Louis Saha. Are you kidding me. Credit to him that he seems to be more proactively pursuing Vertonghen, Damiao, Adebayor and Remy this window (I don't want Remy) but I'm not giving him any more than mild amounts of credit until they're paraded around White Hart Lane.

Tottenham show a chronic lack of ambition. Harry continues to label us as a club lucky to be top four even though we arguably the best midfield in the league (although Hazard and Hulk could give Chelsea the win there now...see what happens with ambition and an owner who puts money into his club). Our signings are pathetic. Sorry to Saha and Nelsen but neither of them were even close to being good enough for a CL competing club. January 2011 the club was crying out for a striker to get us into CL for back to back seasons. Did we sign a striker? No. Did we make CL? No. We have to take a chance and splash some cash on Damiao - I agree wholeheartedly with the Pod on this issue. Just write a cheque for 20 million to Internacional and be done with it. We supposedly have a partnership with them, let's take advantage. Stop with the 30somethings on free transfers, let's snap up some hot talent and spend some bloody money.

General management

This is where I do give Levy credit. Keeping the club competitive on a 70k/week wage cap is impressive and he showed real balls of steel with Chelsea last year. I don't have as much to say about this aspect purely because all that kind of stuff is definitely behind the scenes. He needs to work with Redknapp more though, Harry was begging for Parker all summer and we got him too late. We cannot be making our big signings on deadline day. They need to be wrapped up early so we can integrate them into the team.

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: Harry...we have Gareth Bale, Luka Modric and Rafael Van Der Vaart. We have Kaboul, King, Dawson, (maybe) Adebayor, (maybe) Vertonghen. TRAIN SET PIECES! We have people to deliver them, people to DEFEND THEM and people to score them. Put down the bacon sandwiches and do something.

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