A Few Words On This Whole Striker Thing

Yesterday, as Tottenham Hotspur officially confirmed the roster list for the club's tour of America which forms the bulk of the team's pre-season, it also confirmed our worst fears- the club is only able to take two forwards, Jermain Defoe and young prospect Harry Kane, along for the trip.

As we've known for some time now, the club has a serious problem up top. It now appears likely that the rumoured floundering of the Emmanuel Adebayor's transfer to Tottenham owing to the wages question is a valid concern, a state of affairs which scuppers the only actual deal for a striker that we know Spurs has thusfar attempted to make. Lazy journo links to out of favour players such as Dimitar Berbatov and less-league stars like Yilmaz have abounded, but so far no concrete evidence has emerged that the club is making any headway on moves for such players. For all intents and purposes, it looks at the moment like we're stuck with JD Trouble and Hurricane Harry Kane.

So far in the window, it's been tempting to give up hope that the club is going to pull a star signing out of the bag and find that elusive 20-goal striker that can provide the consistent production we've sorely needed year after year to stay competitive with the Premier League's very best. The endless string of ITK exclusives, which as ever at the start of the summer were the cause for so much optimism, are rapidly descending down to the status of taunts as the disconnection between promise and reality gapes ever wider. Frustration and fear, rather than satisfaction and excitement, have once again been the winners this year so far.

So far. So far, it seems André Villas-Boas and Daniel Levy have been effectively inert in the search for one or a set of decent forwards. So far, it seems that we're resigned to another window of brinkmanship, desperation, and ultimately settling.

But the question I want to ask is this: when have AVB and Daniel Levy ever 'settled'? I fear that the notion that Spurs are going to allow us to start the season with the match against Newcastle with two forwards on the books is unreflective of the way both men conduct their business, and hangover of the days of Redknapp complacency. Time and time again in the past, Levy has shown that despite his hardnosed approach to financial prudence, he will not allow the club to go wanting in terms of class. In 2010, when it looked as if Harry Redknapp had no intention of upgrading our squad on transfer deadline day, he went out and secured the signing of Rafael van der Vaart single-handedly. When we found ourselves in the same situation last year, he went out and struck a deal with Manchester City to bring Adebayor to the club in a deal that fit both our need for a good goalscoring forward and our wage structure.

Similarly, André Villas-Boas may be many things, but a settler he certainly is not. In his last job with Chelsea FC, he was proactive in the securing of players such as Mata, Romeu, Lukaku and Meireles, as well as in his dogged (and unfortunate) pursuit of Luka Modric- but only after he had taken the time to meticulously analyze and document exactly what the squad needed and where these missing pieces could be found. Lest we forget, we left his signing late- he only joined us 20 days ago. Yet even in that time, AVB will have been compiling a list of exactly the forwards that he feels his Spurs side needs- and the second our American tour is over, I guarantee the process of turning that wish list into a reality will begin, with swift and clinical urgency. He has one month to achieve this goal.

Due to personal reasons, Levy isn't currently in business in the transfer market. Due to the short length of his tenure at the club thusfar, AVB hasn't had chance to sort out exactly which striker we need to complete the jigsaw. But once these issues are overcome, I guarantee that nothing will stop them in their pursuit of a top class forward.

So my message is that in my opinion, it's time to stop fretting over the issue. Release the tension, and trust in our new management. They will get it done- 100%, they will secure us a top forward within the next few weeks. They can't not, both due to the glaring deficiency of our current side and their own personal styles. The man they find WILL be one of the best possible options for the job. He will have been extensively scouted, vetted and decided upon as the player that will take us forward to the next level.

This is what the whole hiring Villas-Boas project was about- making strides forward, particularly with a sane and proactive transfer policy. I've seen enough to trust Levy and AVB in this respect thus far, and I truly believe that our wishes and dreams will be fulfilled very, very soon.

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