Spurs in Baltimore or: How I Learned to Stop Sweating and Love the Sun

Good stuff Lance, fronted. -Kevin

I was one of the lucky (unlucky?) people who got to see the Tottenham v Liverpool friendly in Baltimore last weekend. I say unlucky because as anyone who watched the match will tell was terrible. The football on display was dire, and on top of that, if you watched it live at the stadium, you basically baked alive in the suffocating heat.

At the end of the day, I got to see my beloved Spurs in person for the second time, and got to shout obscenities at Charlie Adam, so I guess that's a good thing.

Read on for my account of the game, and a link to the photo gallery of my photos from the day.

Via the magic of the interwebz I learned about a pre-game event being held at Ryleigh's Oyster, a bar near the stadium which appears to have been transformed into a Spurs Supporters bar for the weekend. I followed the sight of lillywhite and blue and the faint sounds of 'Come on you Spurs' to find myself in the thick of an amazing turn-out of Tottenham fans congregating in a very small space.

Packed to the gills, and teeming with anticipation, I squeezed my way into the bar to get a small taste of what it must be like to enjoy a drink at a local pub in North London outside of White Hart Lane on a match-day. The fans were chanting, singing, and of course complaining about our lack of a legitimate strike force. The atmosphere was electric, and I personally had never been around so many like-minded Spurs fans in my life. This was made all the more special by the fact that in my time walking around the city in the days leading up to the match, I had seen a virtual sea of red jersey's everywhere I looked. Drinking in local bars on Thursday and Friday night before the match I ran into so many more Liverpool fans it wasn't even funny. I took an awful lot of schtick when they saw my Spurs shirt. Now, the morning of the game, the tables were turned. A few foolish Liverpool fans managed to find their way inside and had to enjoy a hundred people shouting 'EIGHTH-PLACE!' in unison. Turnabout is fair play!

I also managed to find some fellow CFCers in the bar, it was great to meet Brian (of the Mechanick variety) as well as certified commentariot members Skipjack, Lennon's Eyebrow, Tottenham Makes Me Cry and Chevy14man.

Shortly before the match, we all went outside and literally marched through the streets of downtown Baltimore on the way to the stadium. All of us were flying flags and singing, and abusing Liverpool supporters all the way to the game. It was truly surreal. At one point I turned around and took a short video during the march, which you can see here.

As for the game itself, as I alluded to was pretty shit. I was really looking forward to celebrating a goal with my fellow supporters, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Seconds after kick-off Bale stole an errant pass and charged towards the Liverpool goal but his attempt was blocked. After that, the chances were few and far between. I believe the heat had a huge amount to do with the quality of play, as sitting in the stands I was absolutely boiling, and running around for 90 minutes wouldn't have been easy for anyone.

I did have my camera, and took quite a few pictures which I've put into a gallery. I took pictures before the match, and during half-time, but during the match I didn't take any because I wanted to focus on the game.

You can access the gallery here. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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