One Week

First, obligatory Barenaked Ladies reference.

Barenaked Ladies - One Week (Video) (via warnerbrosrecords)

But seriously. There is one week left until our match against Newcastle and I for one am experiencing very mixed feelings. Tottenham have had a crazy time of it since the Premier League season ended. Munich, the sacking of Redknapp, the Jan Vertonghen saga, the AVB saga, the Siggy steal (HAHAHAHA SUCK IT LIVERPOOL), the obligatory Modric no Champions League tantrum and the worst transfer saga since Fabregas...the #weneedastriker saga. Being a Spurs fan is bad for my mental health but I still love it.

So essentially I'm just going to run through how I'm feeling. My nails are bitten down completely and have been ever since Munich. From the moment John Terry lifted that damn trophy I have been going mental with worry about the upcoming season. I knew Modric would have a hissy fit and want to leave and I was fearful Bale might Bale (Haha) on Tottenham as well. It seems I also correctly predicted that we would not be having a quick conclusion to the #weneedastriker problem due to WAGES WAGES WAGES and no CL football. Then Redknapp got the boot and I was pretty happy, having said even while we were 3rd that we needed a new manager to take us from content to be around the top 4 to having the belief to fight for the title every season- of course at that stage I was thinking more along the lines of The Special One, not The Junior Special One.

Jan finally arrived after making statements that endeared himself to the Spurs faithful immediately (aka not caring about the level of Europe we are now forced into) and Siggurdson came in as a stroke of transfer genius from Levy. Gylfi made me love him when he said he chose Tottenham because "while there's nothing wrong with Liverpool, there's everything right about Spurs" or words to that effect.

I was sad to see the back of Niko as I really rate him but his slander of Spurs recently just soured my feelings for him immensely. Louis Saha and Ryan Nelsen were released and to be honest I didn't really give two sh*ts because I didn't want them at Spurs in the first place. Ledley retired and I was crushed but ultimately not surprised. AVB's high line would have made him look beyond terrible so he chose to retire on a relative high. I love the man and respect him to no end.

AVB's appointment fills me with both hope and more nervousness. I love his attacking mindset and how he is a very positive manager who is eager to go forward (both on the pitch and in terms of general ambition) but I am scared to no end about the high line. Sure we have the people to make it work with BAE/Vert/Kaboul/Walker but making it work in pre-season against LA, Liverpool without their big names and Red Bulls are completely different to making it work against Newcastle with Ba, Cisse and Ben Arfa.

(BEFORE ANYONE SAYS IT - I know the return of Sandro will do a world of good but I'm still nervous.)

So now onwards to my feelings about the upcoming week. I'm mainly scared but there is some hope in there. The main source of fear is undoubtedly the striker.

I've been one of the most Levy trusting people on the site as of late, keeping faith that Levy will sign a proper striker before the Newcastle game - namely THE striker in Leandro Damiao who we should have secured before the Olympics as his price has probably risen by 10 million or THE OTHER THE in Fernando Llorente who now wants to leave Bilbao. Adebayor would be ok but we need an improvement. I have no doubt that both Damiao and Llorente, presented with the chances Adebayor was last season, would have scored 25 goals or more. They'd have put away every single one of the goals he scored, would have buried the sitters he missed, wouldn't have given the linesman a chance to rule out 5 goals (any one of which being allowed would have had us third.....) and would have scored some screamers. The only person we have who can do what RVP/Aguero/Rooney/Tevez/Drogba/Cisse can and score goals out of thin air at the club is Gareth Bale who does it once in a blue moon - his goal against Man City, his volley against Stoke, his hat-trick v Inter - and Jermain Defoe who cannot lead the line by himself. We need to sign one of Llorente and Damiao plus sign Adebayor. Even my faith is wearing thin at this point though. There is ONE WEEK LEFT. I believe Levy won't let us go into the start of the season without that big striker but that's what we have said for the last four transfer windows at a minimum.

The Luka Modric fiasco. Harry Redknapp needs to pull his finger out and stop talking to the press about Spurs. Go eat a bacon sandwich. Luka wants to leave, Levy wants 40 million. That is fair given a) Modric is in his prime, b) Modric is the heart of our team, c) Modric had a good season and Euros, d) replacements won't come cheap and e) we can't sell below that because otherwise we look like Arsenal - a selling club. Madrid have the money, we all know it. If they want to pay 40m they can have him otherwise leave us alone and let Modric get back with the first team. For all his bitching he's still a quality player and will pull his socks up and play his heart out this season if he's with us. I want him around Tom Carroll for as long as possible to teach him all the silky passing skills. At this stage I would hope we don't need to sell Modric to buy strikers + Hugo Lloris (NO CESAR!) but it seems we do.

Now for the hope. Notice the relative lengths of these sections. Preseason has been good, Siggurdson and Bale have been excellent. Kyle Walker seems to know how to cross now (!) and we have Dawson + the Huddlefro back from injury. Vertonghen has been good aside from that one moment with Cahill and overall the high line hasn't been a train wreck.

Please Levy, you have 7 days. Sign THE striker or THE OTHER THE striker....or the money grubbing ex-Gooner backup. #weneedastriker #InLevyWeTrust

Looking at our first five games...they're all winnable. We should be on a MINIMUM of 12 points when we play Manure in gameweek 6.

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