Five questions to be asked before the start of the season

What formation does AVB have in mind?

During this summers pre-season friendlies, we have seen a team shift from playing a 4-4-1-1 last season, to a 4-2-3-1. Is this the formation that AVB is planning for, or will he switch back to his usual 4-3-3 that brought him success at Porto, (not so much at Chelsea). To be honest I would rather see the 4-2-3-1 played with Sandro and Parker holding and Bale, VDV and a Sigurdson or Lennon running the attacking midfield role. That is assuming we don't buy a player like Moutinho or M'Vila before the transfer window shuts. Another question that fans are wondering is if we will see inverted wingers, in other words, Bale on the right side and Lennon on the left. During the preseason friendlies we saw AVB use the wingers on their natural sides as well as their inverted sides. We can only wait until this weekend to really find out then.

How much time will Daniel Levy give AVB?

After a rather short spell at Chelsea, AVB will be looking to make Tottenham his own and get them into the Champions League once again. But how much time will he get to work his magic? Personally I think anything below a 7th place finish is devastating and Levy will fire AVB. As far as Champions League ambitions go, if we don't break into the Champions League after two season with Tottenham, I think he will almost definately leave. Tottenham's ambitions have done nothing but go up over the past years, and we must protect them from slipping away. So if you ask me, AVB will be given much more time to prove his worth than he was given at Chelsea, and hopefully he will fulfill his destiny in being the "Next Special One".

Which players could make a breakthrough this season?

With a brand new coach, young players will be eager to impress and make an impact. I don't know about you guys, but I really like what I am seeing from Tom Carroll and Andros Townsend. Tom Carroll has the potential to become a Tottenham and England star in the future, and the 20 year old center midfielder could make a breakthrough as early as this season. Steven Caulker is also a player who will surely be a Tottenham star in the future. For a long time now, Tottenham have lacked depth in the center back role, but now with the likes of Dawson, Kaboul, Vertonghen, and Caulker, Tottenham are set to have very few problems in defense this season. With this new depth in defense, in may be a problem to young Steven Caulker, who most likely will sit on the bench in most of the league matches.

Will we regret firing Harry?

Will we? When I heard the news I was devastated that the manager that has done so much for our club was sacked. When we hired AVB I was more than skeptical about this move by Levy and I would be lying if I said i'm not worrying about the club right now. Arguably our best player is leaving and we have not make any ground breaking signings so far, not to mention WE STILL HAVE NOT PURCHASED A STRIKER YET! Maybe Levy and AVB have something massive up their sleeves that we don't know about, and maybe I'm completely wrong saying that we don't need to panic over the situation right now. I guess we will find out this Saturday against Newcastle. So will we regret firing Harry? My answer to that question is that is is to early to tell. If AVB learns from his mistakes at Chelsea then not at all. He would be one of the most effective managers in the world if he overcomes the problems he faced at Chelsea, but if he hasn't, then were all doomed and will be begging Harry to come back and save us again.

What is a reasonable finishing place for us really?

If you ask me, we must finish at least 5th by the end of the season. I'm not saying we should play for fifth we must play for the title or at least a Champions League place, but if we finish below 5th, it will be an utter failure. I realize that we cannot compete financially with the Manchester teams and Chelsea, but we MUST somehow find a way to keep pace with those clubs. If not, then all is lost and were back to the mid-table mediocrity we were in a few seasons back.

Agree, Disagree or just wanna talk Tottenham?

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