2012-13 Premier League Round 2 Power Rankings

A bit of clarification: the Power Rankings are simply my opinion of, based on form, who would win if two teams played each other on a neutral field. You should beat anyone below you and lose to anyone above you. However, I have been wrong a time or two in my life, so don't be afraid to tell me I'm an idiot. Onto the rankings!

20: Queens Park Rangers (=): Lucky to escape Carrow Road with a draw, but this team still has issues. I never thought I'd say this: they miss Joey Barton.

19: Norwich City (=): One rule of the Power Rankings: if the top two or bottom two teams play each other, they will stay there. That being said, a much better effort from the Canaries in a game they deserved to win.

18: Southampton (-2): Got done a little wrong at the end by a missed call, but never looked to really be in the game against Wigan.

17: Aston Villa (=): Dump trucked in their home opener by Everton, but showed flashes of brilliance near the end. Paul Lambert will need some time to build this team back up.

16: Wigan (+2): The loss of Victor Moses will hurt, but picking up three points on the road will be huge in the relegation fight. I continue to think Ali Al-Habsi can start for a top-half squad.

15: Reading (-1): Blew a lead at Stamford Bridge after a great spell of quality at the end of the first half, and were done in by a poor missed offside call. The yellow kits are retina-burning.

14: Stoke City (-1): Held down the Arsene Wenger Comedy Hour as well as Arsenal's constant attack. Also, what would a Stoke game be without a bit of questionable gamesmanship?

13: Sunderland (-1): Note: we've reached the creamy confusing middle of the Premiership that's about as sure footed as the pitch at the Stadium of Light. Has that pitch EVER been in good shape?

12: West Ham United (-3): Must have left their good form at customs. Looked dreadful against the Swans.

11: Liverpool (+4): Credit where credit is due: Liverpool looked vastly improved against Man City over the weekend. Had it not been for Skrtel's boner, they should have easily grabbed the three points.

10: Tottenham Hotspur (+1): Really, only gaining due to poor form elsewhere, but did nothing to stand out over the weekend, especially after scoring. Emmanuel Adebayor needs to find his form fast.

9: Arsenal (+1): See above. Also, unless this team finds a goal scorer, there will be quite a few scoreless draws.

8: Fulham (-1): A wild combination of luck resulted in a 3-2 loss at Old Trafford, but this Fulham side will need to find consistent goals and shape to compete.

7: West Bromwich Albion (+1): Romelu Lukaku could become the most terrifying front line presence in the Premiership by the end of the season if he continues to turn in shifts like his ravaging at the Lane.

6: Newcastle United (-2): A bit of a dip in form from the previous week, but were unlucky to leave a waterlogged Stamford Bridge without a goal. The return of Fabricio Coloccini will keep them in any game.

5: Manchester City (-4): Looked completely uninspired away at Anfield, and were uncharacteristically sloppy in the back. Is it just me, or has Nigel de Jong regressed painfully?

4: Manchester United (+2): The stable of talent seemed to be in full force on Saturday with even Rafael scoring a goal and almost pulling off a brace. The only downside so far: hearing announcers pronounce it KA-ga-wa instead of ka-GA-wa.

3: Swansea City (+2): Have continued to be fun to watch, scored goals for fun, and played tremendous defense in racking up a +8 goal differential. Michael Laudrup has done well with his talent.

2: Chelsea (=): I think it's fair to say that the best new player in the Premiership has been Eden Hazard. Like, not even close. He has been the driving force behind their 100% record thus far.

1: Everton (+2): Even when they only had a 1-0 lead on Manchester United, you never felt like they would allow the equalizer. Throttled Aston Villa away, and looked like they were having fun doing it. Also, it's amazing what Steven Pienaar can do when he plays the correct position!

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