What can Tottenham fans expect this season?

I think it's clear to all of those who follow Spurs that this is going to be a crucial season for the club. Everyone can see that the ideas and plans that are being put into place are looking to the future; everything from training facilities, the new stadium, links with Real Madrid, a revamped squad and, of course, the sacking of Harry and the arrival of AVB. To everyone it seems that Daniel Levy has had an epiphany of how the club should run and what needs to be done to ensure Tottenham's future and to try to become a real force in not only the Premier League, but Europe.

1. ABV

I think it's safe to say from the reaction of almost every Tottenham fan that the dismissal of Redknapp came out of the blue. He did a cracking job over 4 years but it looks like he over-played his hand with the England job that Levy never wanted him to have, and the dip last year eventually cost him his job. Although some suspect that his sacking was planned long before hand, it seemed that it could spark a crisis and potential player exodus from Spurs. But then came Andre Villas- Boas. An apt change of management to show a new direction for the club. Out with the old fashioned English style of football of the past; in with the young sleek and sexy style of play that so many clubs with to emulate, trying to follow the shining examples of Spain and Barcelona.

So what can we expect? Obviously any change in regime can cause clubs to under perform in the case of Liverpool since the departure of Rafael Benitez they keep on changing their manager too often to have a style of play to be adopted by the players. This could be the case at Spurs, a poorer season this year to make way for a long term style that will mean the club can become more successful. This also isn't helped by the reports of a squad overhaul that could cost £80 million that could mean that a whole new teams needs time to gel together.

But AVB is a promising young manager, with a win ratio of over 80% at Porto you have to consider that his time at Chelsea was a blip... one that Tottenham could profit from if the fans can stand by him though any hard times we could be about to have for the European glory that could be there for us to take in the near future.

2. Ground Developments

For years Spurs fans have gone week in and week out to White Hart Lane to watch Tottenham play, for better or worse, and this has mean the ground has sold out almost every week. But now after years of pushing for planning permission a new stadium has finally been revealed with almost 20,000 more seats than WHL. This new stadium could mean that we can pull in bigger crowds, bigger profits which will then turn into better players. This will mean that we finally have a stadium with the capacity to rival our ambition for the club and one that will mean that, once we qualify for Champions League football, we can host some of the biggest clubs in the world and really start to impose ourselves on a larger stage.

And who can forget about the swanky new training facilities? Sold to Tottenham fans and one of the best in the world it shows how we want to progress with not only signing some amazing foreign players but developing our own stars from the youth academy. With the likes of Livemore, Caulker and Harry Kane starting to come though it's clear that we want to be able to boast some quality English talent within our squad and this new training complex is seen as the perfect way to do that. But only time will tell how successful it is and if we can really bring though talent of our own without having to pay obscene amounts that are normally demanded for any half decent English player.

3 Real Madrid

I personally was shocked when I heard that our sale of Modric has lead to an official partnership with one of the largest and most successful clubs in the world. Once again this could be a master stroke by Mr Levy in the establishment of Tottenham. The exact terms of the deal are sketchy but with quotes such as "sharing players", "sharing best coaching practices" and "merchandising" you can't help but feel excited over what this could develop into as the years roll forward. The idea of being able to call in some of the best coaching minds in the world that are employed at Real to help to improve our own methods at no cost seems too good to be true. As does the fact that any player Real want to sell we can get first option and a cheaper deal on; which if rumors are true could include Xabi Alonso in a years time.

But as the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. With the ideas of signing some of the best players that Madrid want to off-load cheap floating around some people seem to miss a finer point. What about our best players? With this link you can't help but wonder if Bale isn't happy in 2 years time where will he go? I don't think you need 3 guesses to figure that one out now. With Barca and Madrid as the main two clubs interested in Bale you have to think at we would have to sell him to Madrid, and due to this partnership maybe for less than we would expect. We've already taken a £10million hit in selling Modric to make this partnership. How much will we realistically get for Bale for this link to continue?

So to summarize; this season we have big ambitions and are putting in place means to achieve them but how long will fans have to wait for these ambitions to become real? Will we sit on the fringes of European football to then never reach the heights we should and then drop away? Only when the transfer window ends and we start to see the team that AVB wants to build start to take shape can we really make any sort of prediction for the season to come and hope that we can push a bit harder than we did last season.

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