Tottenham Hotspur Team of the 90's (harder than it sounds!)

I thought for a (not-so) quickie fanpost, it would be nice to look at some Spurs history and my own recollections of the era when I started following the team. My team of the 1990's - I hope some people who have been following the team for longer can give earlier "all-decade" teams. I started supporting Tottenham in the late 80's, but it was difficult in Canada (the first match I saw whole was Spurs beating Man United in 1992) and I could not really start watching until I could drive into the British Ex-Servicemens Association at 7AM to watch games on Setanta.

So, the 90's is the first era I can say who I think the best team was:

GK: Ian Walker - No Contest - Basically our only goalie during the decade, won a few caps for England. Great shot stopper Runner Up - Erik Thorsvetd - Erik the Viking. Won our last FA Cup. Big imposing presence

RB: Stephen Carr of course. We loved him - great runs, great crosses, great understanding of the game.

CB: Gary Mabbut and Sol Campbell - Mabbs of course. He was our captain, our rock in the back. 482 appearances. Total respect for Mabbut. Sol Campbell of course is , uhh, controversial? Nevertheless, one of the best players to ever wear a Spurs shirt.

LB: Justin Edinburgh, by default. 213 appearances over the decade (and one goal). But he sucked. So maybe, Mauricio Taricco?

M: David Ginola, Darren Anderton, Paul Gascoigne, Steffen Freund : Ginola was just incredible. He won the PFA player of the year! (A bit of a travesty, but still). Who could NOT love watching David Ginola play football? A cretin, that is who. Anderton is of course remembered for being injured - nicknamed, famously, Sicknote - but when he was fit he was such a smooth presence on the ball. He amassed 30 caps for England in midfield. He was the type of player who calms down a team. Gazza is an odd choice, like Klinsmann below, but he remains the single most talented footballer player I saw that decade. Just a sheer genius, undermined by injuries and lifestyle choices. I will put in Freund, but it amazes me that we had NO good defensive midfielders in the entire decade. Maybe Ledley King, who started out in midfield should get that spot even though he only made 4 appearances in the decade. (Note that there is a case to be made for Paul Allen, who I never really saw play, but am assured he was a good'un)

F: Teddy Sheringham, Jurgen Klinsmann: Teddy is an obvious choice. Pure class, off set pieces, a fox in the box, everything. Teddy was our decade for me. Klinsmann only played one season with us, getting 21 goals and winning footballer of the year. That speaks to our strikers as well throughout the decade that I would pick him (Other options? Lineker, Sir Les Ferdinand, Chris Armstrong...)

Reading old squad sheets has reminded me of why we did so poorly in the 90's - our midfield was weak. After Ginola and Anderton, there are no standouts. Our strikers were pretty meh as well. Sheringham was great of course, but my number two is a guy who played one season? And who is number three? Either a declining Gary Lineker or Chris Armstrong?

Finally, let us not forget that we had Mr. Hard Verk himself Christian Gross as a manager, which would surely have been the worst manager for the decade until 1998 when we hired George "One-Nil to the Arsenal" Graham.

How did I become a Spurs fan during that decade? How is it possible?

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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