On Sneijder Rumours, From A Squad-Happy Fan

Claudio Villa

I <3 this. Fronted. -Kevin

So, the boy Sneijder.

This guy is pissing off Galatasaray even as we speak. Inter can't wait to be rid of his excessive wages as they stumble blindly toward FPP. Liverpool are openly disinterested, and Spurs for some reason keep being linked by every major news outlet along with our Liverpudlian supposed rivals. No news on interest from clubs abroad like PSG or anything, so it looks like either we take him or he rots on an Italian bench or settles into obscure uneasy Turkish mediocrity.

Injuries have hovered over him like a cloud; some several-month cruciate injury in a friendly against Arsenal a few years back, and then a string of niggly muscle injuries. Probably a dodgy calf, probably putting everyone off.

Our squad, as I've said before, is totally fine. I don't really want us to sign anyone, except maybe someone like missing piece Leandro "THE" Damiao.

But I really do want us to sign Sneijder and bind him into lilywhite history. Here's why:

  1. Sneijder is Dutch, and I love the Dutch. So do Spurs. After all, our club and that of the Netherlands have a lot in common. We're talented but wildly unlucky, thus more familiar to semi-finals than finals. We aspire to greatness with fluid total-football (none of this tiki-tacky pass around crap, sweeping moves and dribbling and everyone chipping in with goals and real ambition to sweep aside opposition often to the detriment of cold hard results), and we both used to play Van Der Vaart and Edgar Davids occasionally because why the hell not that's why.
  2. Sneijder is a maverick beset by injury and therefore a Spurs player by default. Our King, and the inspiration behind this site was I believe rumoured to have some sort of leg injury; also Woodgate, Van Der Vaart, Anderton, Gazza and co. were all also pretty keen on being out with injuries for long periods but are all established icons at the club. Our physio table is where world class players belong.
  3. Make no mistake, Sneijder has been and therefore potentially is one of the very best players in the world. He's not so old nor so dependent on pace that this should vanish overnight. His game is about vision and magic.
  4. He used to play for Real, and we're apparently endeavouring to be Real-lite where Arsenal are Barca-lite. Our star is more Ronaldo than Messi, and they play in lilywhites. Press-dividing Portuguese tacticians at the helm, pace and power everywhere etc. etc.

Want. Wantwantwant.

I'd accept him expensively bench-warming for maybe even 8 games of the remaining season for him to limp out and do some ridiculous match-changing batsh*t Dutch-ery in the other matches. It might just push us over the finishing line for this season, and let Holtby come in next season to gradually bed in as his understudy and get match time as cover for other positions. It just looks perfect to me, and he's actually a year younger than VdV, who only left to save his marriage in Germany.

So, opinions welcome but I'd have him in a split-second heartbeat. Maverick world-class Dutch injury-prone genius stolen from another angry club at the last minute has "Spurs transfer" written all over it.



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