Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 18, 2013

Laurence Griffiths

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Happy Friday, Spursland! We have arrived, my friends, at one of the better sporting weekends of the year. The NFL conference championships are here and best of all, Spurs play Manchester United in a competitive game. This weekend is going to be an emotional minefield, and I mean that in the best way. But if we make it through, if Spurs are victorious, and then the Ravens (because why would you cheer for any other NFL team, seems pointless to me) (Editor's note: Because instead you can cheer for the Jaguars. That is not a joke. Seriously) win, we hall enter a glorious nirvana. Lets do this.

And now the "news"

Gomes Linked With Spurs Exit- Sky Sports

Being completely serious -- if you walked up to me and said, "but we sold Gomes six months ago," I would probably believe you. That is how off the grid this guy has been. He probably hasn't paid his taxes in two years and is getting away with it. Brazil probably just printed up a death certificate for him assuming he was dead just like people who disappear sailing across the Pacific and are never found.

Jason Kidd Visited Spurs And Loved It-

I find it troubling that someone called Alan Houston is an NBA legend. Whoever told you that my dear dear gullible Englishman would also like to tell you about his long distance girlfriend who totally graduated from Stanford.

MLS Super Draft Live Stream- SB Nation Soccer

Yes, children, it is once again time for the least super of all the drafts. The only thing really super about the draft is how drunk the fans attending it are considering it takes place at noon on a work day.

Napoli Have Point Deduction Overturned- SB Nation Soccer

That sound you are hearing is the sound of a bureaucrat jamming unmarked bills into his wallet hoping nobody notices.

Commentary: Lance, Oprah, And The Future- Podium Cafe

I could say some things about Lance coming clean, but this guy does a much better job. I still think highly of Lance. In fact, my opinion of him does not change at all with this knowledge. He is the best rider of his generation and the only true challenge to Eddy Merckx's place as the greatest rider ever. Those that have met him personally will continue to quietly tell stories about why he is not a pleasant person to interact with, but I don't care. He is still the greatest.

The Last Cock Fighter- SB Nation

This is just great work. Even if you find Cockfighting to be horrific it is worth a read. An excellent look into a world I am betting none of us have ever or will ever enter into.

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