Daniel Levy's imaginary shortlist: Georgi Schennikov

Now for something a little different. Presenting a left back for the future in case all of Kyle Naughton, Danny Rose and Zeki Fryers aren't good enough. Also, this'll be my third last one as I realise that no one else is doing these any more. Keep an eye out for the last two over the next few days.

The Basics

Name: Georgi Mikhailovich Schennikov

Age: 21

Team: CSKA Moscow

League: SOGAZ Football Championship (Russia)

Primary position: Left fullback

Can also play: Left wing

Schennikov's attacking abilities, especially his dribbling and crossing, give him the chance to shine further up the pitch, which he has done on the few occasions that he has played there.

The Specifics

Schennikov is a very capable left back who seems almost Bale-esque with his dribbling and crossing ability, but he lacks the shooting that has made Bale an unstoppable force over the past three years. Where Schennikov outdoes Bale is his defensive ability. Schennikov's ability to track back and recover after an attack is incredible and his tackling leaves little to be desired.

Schennikov has spent all of his career so far at CSKA and has done well to make more than 120 appearances for the side since his debut in 2008. Schennikov is the obvious choice to replace Yuri Zhirkov as the national teams left back over the long term, but Yevgeni Makeev will prove to be tough competition for the spot. Unfortunately, Schennikov has been marginalised by Kirill Nababkin (don't ask me why. Nababkin has been absolutely useless) and has seen limited playing time.

The suitability of Schennikov at Spurs depends on the potential of Naughton, Rose and Fryers, as it is clear that Tottenham will need a replacement for Benoit Assou-Ekotto sooner or later. In my honest opinion, Schennikov is better than any of Tottenham's young left backs and would fit in well with Tottenham's already pacey squad.

The Verdict

Likely price: £8 million

Probability that valuation is wrong: Low. Schennikov is still young but is not playing much. CSKA really can't ask for more.

Team's willingness to sell: Moderate. CSKA seem to be sticking mostly with Nababkin, which I believe is a big mistake, but they could be happy to get his wages off their hands and receive a decent fee as well.

Fit at Tottenham Hotspur: Good. Schennikov would be a good understudy and backup for Benny in the short term, before taking over in the first team after a season or two.

Possibility he ends up at Spurs: Moderate. This all depends on how well the club rates Naughton, Rose and Fryers.

Grade if this transfer goes through at likely price: B+

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