So what's the deal with Gylfi?

Pete Norton

While I'm not in full agreement, I still think this is a very good post. -Kevin

I think all Spurs fans were excited by the arrival of Gylfi Sigurdsson - with the attacking midfielder having come from Swansea with a burgeoning reputation.

However, his Leeds performance was perhaps enough to rubber-stamp his signing as an abysmal failure.

Sigurdsson is certainly likeable. Nordic good looks and he presents himself as a relatively humble and approachable young man. And on the field, he demonstrates flashes of brilliance with his ability to bend a fierce strike and sometimes impressive skill.

However, those flashes at Tottenham have been just that - flashes. Far too infrequent and in some matches missing altogether. What has gone wrong?

I seldom watch any Premier League matches that don't involve Tottenham, so I don't know enough about his performances at Swansea to draw any comparisons. Was he overrated? Did he just have a lucky hotstreak?

Or has his disappointing season come down to his situation at Tottenham? Certainly he appears to be lacking confidence and has demonstrated an inability to impose himself on a match. Is he being played differently. Obviously we've seen him play on the flanks more so than he probably would have liked but when he's had the chance to play as our ten, he simply has not taken those opportunities.

All of which is a shame, because he is probably just about our best when it comes to delivering set-piece kicks and an attacking midfielder who scores goals is something we could desperately do with right now. With lower-ranked teams defending deeper, one would think Sigurdsson is made for that kind of situation if you were looking at some of the long-range goals he scored for Swansea last year.

With Holtby coming into the side next year, the question that has to be asked is what is to become of Sigurdsson. He's only 23 and would appear to have the necessary talents to succeed, but assuming that Dempsey is retained he is not going to see much action next year based on his performances to date. What's more what our squad requires more so from a second reserve attacking midfielder, is someone who can more ably replace Lennon or Bale - a player like Son fits our roster much better because his versatility and capability to play more comfortably outwide.

Certainly at this stage of his career Sigurdsson appears to be a player who fits better at a mid-tier team, where he is afforded more responsibility as his less skilful team-mates seek to bring him into the game. Do we loan him and hope with some more experience he comes back a more confident, consistent version of his current self or do we let him free on the basis that given his prior experience he should be at that advanced point already.

Like Huddlestone, Sigurdsson just doesn't appear to be fit well with either our style of play or complement the strengths of the players around him. Despite being one of AVB's first signing, the odds appear to be shortening that he'll also be one of the first that our young manager cuts loose.

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