What might be: Greatness, or a step backwards

Christof Koepsel

It's hard not to be excited. You look across our roster. Great centre-backs and with Benny back we've got our threatening fullbacks operational again. Sandro the beast, and the Moose in midfield. Surely, the best wing pair in the competition in Lennon and Bale and a goal keeper who is fast emerging as just about the best in the League. And what's more great depth across almost all positions.

We sit in third, within sight of second and we're still in Europa and the FA Cup. One feels if we can hold onto that Champions League spot, and if we can keep this team together, we're on the cusp of taking that next step, dislodging Arsenal from the top echelon and positioning ourselves as genuine League contenders. More money, more prestige and we look an infinitely more attractive destination to attract the very best talent. The future of Spurs couldn't look rosier.

However, you think back to last year and realise it could still just as easily go the other way. Miss the top four and Champions League and chances are we lose Gareth Bale. And without Bale, we take a clear step backwards and we're probably back snapping at the heels of the Champions League teams again. So close, yet so far.

Last year's falter cost us Modric. We've done exceptionally well to replace our midfield general with Dembele who has admirably stepped into his shoes but Bale is at another level. He's a player - with the right squad around him - that can take you places. We cannot afford to miss our opportunity again.

I think back to last year's January transfer window and there were calls for reinforcements but there wasn't real obvious alternatives to the side that was performing so well. Yes, we had weaknesses. Van de vaart's inability to get back and defend placing unnecessary pressure on our mid-field and Adebeyor, while scoring goals, was also missing more than he should have.

This year, I think our weaknesses are obvious for everybody to see. The need to play a two-striker system is not giving us enough flexibility or creativity in the mid-field and we're finding goals tough to score especially against defensive tactics at home. A passing mid-fielder is another clear void and if you fix the first problem, you allow yourself the extra man to fix the second.

Last year, of course, the purse strings stayed tied in January. I cannot fault Levy for that - we were doing just well enough that you had to show faith in the side that was doing the job and there were no clear options available in the transfer market at the time.

This year is different. Add a world-class striker like Leandro and a creative playmaker and you suddenly have a roster that has no obvious flaws, incredible depth and a platform to not only secure Champions League entry but also to seriously challenge for that and every other title on offer. Now, is the time to live up to our motto and make the bold decisions that will have us daring to challenge the very best.

What might be by end of year

Goalkeeper - Hugo Lloris: By end of year, I believe he'll be ranked on the top three keepers in the Premier League. All class and has leadership abilities as well.

Centrebacks - Jan Vertonghen, Younes Kaboul: I don't think you can do much better than these two and with Caulker and Dawson as back-up you have the ability to rotate as well.

Fullbacks - Kyle Walker and BAE: Were pretty much considered the best pair of fullbacks in the competition last year and having their attacking ability of both sides of the park will add a fresh dimension to the side.

Centre Midfield - Sandro, Moussa, Holtby: If we have the chance to bring in Holtby now, he could be the best complement for Sandro and Moussa, otherwise Dempsey will do fine in a 4-2-3-1. Parker and Siggurdson provide depth in a midfield that rivals any other in the Premier League

Wingers: Gareth Bale, Aaron Lennon. More pace than most oppositions can handle. To my mind, the best wing pairing in the competition.

Striker - Leandro Damaio: Arguably, the best young striker in the world - big but can score goals as well. Is clearly the missing piece of the puzzle that completes this team. Defoe is the perfect striker to throw into a game when your looking for goals and Adebeyor's height and abilities as a targetman will give AVB a number of tactical options depending on the status of any game.

Overall: This is a roster that would fear nobody. Maybe, it's missing a creative genius like David Silva in mid-field but that aside it matches up to every other side in the Premier League bar none for both the starting eleven and in terms of depth.

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