Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 29, 2013

Laurence Griffiths

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, pumpkin edition.

Happy Tuesday, Sprusland! For those of you are new to our little hiddie hole of the Internet, this is the Hoddle Of Coffee. It is our off topic and general discussion section. It kickstarts your day with all our team's news and general happenings from around the football world and as the day progresses our comment section becomes the day's off topic discussion thread. It's fun you should join in. You should trying to figure out what Brixton and Blasian's real relationship is.

And you should talk about pumpkins. Seriously talk about carving pumpkins because I have to carve like four of these things in the next few days and be judged on it. I always get screwed in the Christmas decorating competition and nobody is taking the Halloween decorating thing seriously so this is my shot to win. But I really need your help because I suck at this. I am so bad at carving pumpkins it's ridiculous and carving pumpkins in a regular way is CRAZY. You scrape the inside of it for like an hour then look inside and realize you only got like 40% of the insides out. HELP ME, I NEED THIS WIN.

And now the "news"

Language Holds Up Lamela- Sky Sports

I really hope this is true. My current analysis is that he doesn't give a shit, but that's just me and I am usually wrong about conclusions I make based on reading between the lines on my TV. Seriously, it is hard to watch games with all these squiggly lines on my TV.

Spurs Fans Blame Y Word Ban For Silence- Telegraph


Besiktas Still Wishing For Adebayor- Inside Futbol

Why? Why are you still asking the pretty girl out to the prom again? She was too polite to give you a direct no those other times, but come on, you know which way the wind is blowing (towards the dreamy dude with the muscles and the trust fund, you idiot)

A Fitting End- SB Nation Soccer

Look at me, Big DC guy not trying to bury the coverage of our biggest rivals finally winning a trophy.

Soccer Goal Of The Day : LEX LUTHOR LEX LUTHOR- SB Nation Soccer

This is so great. I never new that the word goal in Italian is pronounced Ga. That's so cooky. But seriously bro enunciate, talking is your job. Have some pride.

Managing Madrid Has A Guy Like Me -Managing Madrid

But he is not like me.

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