My Journey to Spurs Fandom

Hey there. I'm writing this for anyone that goes through fan posts and wants to read about my introduction to the most pessimistic, hilarious, and amazing fan base out there. I've learned during my year and a half as a fan of THFC that THFC is a club with lofty ambitions (Some fans think we can win the title, most just want UCL football) and flies too close to the sun sometimes....Like against Manchester City. I still feel sick. Before I talk about my introduction to Tottenham, let me talk about my first taste of football in general. Becoming a football fan was special for me because it also broadened my view on the world in general. I became more knowledgeable about the world other than America(where I live). It was Euro 2012, and my dad happened to be watching Germany vs Netherlands. I asked him what it was all about, and he explained. He also mentioned to support Germany. My first allegiance was to Germany. Germany won that game, and they did end up advancing to the knockout stages. Germany vs Greece in the quarterfinals was my first ever full match. I watched in awe as the Germans broke down the Greeks(ironically, considering they'd probably run out of money to fund a national team without Germany). Easily the pick of the match was Philipp Lahm's goal cutting in from the left, curling it around the keeper from the edge of the box in the far corner. I was pumped for the semifinals against Italy. In the few days I was a football fan, I had gained enough knowledge to know Germany were far stronger than Italy. Then Balotelli happened.

As we all know, Mario Balotelli single-handedly knocked the Germans out of Euro 2012. To my satisfaction, Italy was then whupped by Spain in the final 4-0. After that, I became obsessed with football. I downloaded the PES demo on XBOX (I play FIFA now) and it just so happened Tottenham were one of the playable teams. I loved playing with them (Defoe's name was fun to say) and loved how "Christian Bale" and "Derrick Rose" were on the team (I could only see the surnames). I soon learned these players were Gareth Bale and Danny Rose, and both had speed to burn. Believe it or not, that is how I was introduced to THFC. I wasn't a fan just yet though. I was a Germany fan first, so when looking for a club to support, I looked at Germany's players. One player REALLY caught my eye: Mesut Ozil. His passing was so elusive. His dribbling was magnificent. He was my absolute favorite player. I followed him to his club which happened to be Real Madrid. There, I saw him and Ronaldo blossom together. It was a perfect relationship there. After watching Real Madrid for awhile. I realized the real action was in England. I gained interest in it and watched a lot of EPL games and Real Madrid games. In the EPL, I was lost. I didn't know who to follow. I remembered the PES demo and decided I should start watching the Spurs. My first ever game watching the Spurs was the shock 3-2 defeat of Manchester United at Old Trafford. Bale's goal was one of the best I've seen to this day. Magnificent run and clinical finsh. (From Wilzy24's channel; he asked me to mention him if he gave me the video, so here's his channel

I began to closely follow the Spurs and I became a huge fan. My first NLD was amazing, with Spurs coming out as 2-1 winners with both Bale and Lennon splitting Arsenal's defense like the Red Sea. I became a fan right at the time Bale exploded into form and thoroughly enjoyed his screamers week in week out. My favorite was his last competitive goal for us, against Sunderland. Sadly, this was the last we'd see of Bale. Also, I experienced my first heartbreak: Somehow not qualifying for the UCL. Its still flabbergasts me how we didn't qualify. That's one of the main ways I learned football is extremely unfair. As I paid more attention to Spurs, I noticed Spurs fans have a general distrust in Real Madrid and their "partnership". The more I supported Tottenham, the less I supported Real Madrid. Their sale of Ozil( my former favorite player now that he's at Arsenal) to Arsenal (of all teams, why Le Arse?) and them buying Bale completed my conversion to a full on Spurs fan(on a club level. I still supported Germany as a country). At first, I never paid attention to or really knew who our rivals were until that previously mentioned NLD. I looked into it, and I saw that we're pretty much "rivals" with every London team, but Arsenal, Chelsea, and West Ham seem to be the biggest and most important. In fact, they're by far the most intense games. Especially against West Ham, they always have their controversial chants. Out of those 3 teams, I'd say I dislike Chelsea the most. Probably because if Chelsea were a person, they would be that douche bag with tattoos on his neck , gold chains, a tank top, steroid muscles, and a golden tan.

As a new Spurs fan, I wanted to talk to other Spurs fans and hear what they have to say. I found my way to Cartilage Free Captain. The first thing that I noticed was the extremely pessimistic fan base of Tottenham Hotspur. At first, I wondered: Why so depressing? At the time of me devoting my support to Spurs, we were in healthy position in the Premier League. Bale was starting to find some very fine form. This new AVB guy was doing a decent job. Again, why so depressing? Then, I looked at our history and it explained everything. ESPECIALLY the recent history, most notably Chelsea's heartbreaking (in the view of us Spurs and Bayern fans) UCL victory, taking Tottenham's place because Chelsea couldn't qualify via league position. Also, I learned its the general opinion of fans that we haven't had a decent striker since Dimitar Berbatov was sold. Another major thing I learned was that our two best players had recently left the club; Rafael van der Vaart and Luka Modric. They were also fan favorites. The loss of those two players seemed absolutely devastating to some fans. It didn't bother me much because I never got to experience them.

( Something to make you cry into your old Modric kit

(Something to make you cry into your old VDV kit

(From twistedbutlogical's channel, he has a bunch if other Spurs videos, even one with all of Tom Huddlestone's goals!

As you can tell based on my user name, a year as a fan of Spurs has truly converted me to a Tottenham Hotspur fan. I really do love Tottenham, and I'm so glad I became a fan of them and not Chelsea (I was ever so close to becoming a Chelsea fan). I love all of our bad luck (Chelsea winning the UCL, proven top striker {Soldado} forgetting how to score when coming to Spurs, etc.), and I love Tom Carroll. Living in California, I wake up 4:30 AM every Sunday morning because the FA likes trolling me by having the Spurs play the earliest they can. The best thing about being a Spurs fan is that we always seem to have the best personalities. Like THE BEAST Sandro, or Lewis Holtby, who is impossible to hate and always seems to have his shirt off. I leave you with this: COYS.

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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