Technical and geeky football (soccer) stuff - UEFA CL Technical report

Thought I would share this little gem of info with you Cartilage Free Captain guys. Love this site and finally signed up to get involved, I also feel American fans appreciate statistical information more than we do in the UK!

I stumbled across the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League technical report yesterday while researching UEFA coaching courses. Now this might sound pretty boring at first, but when I got down to page 21 I found a section titled "Going the distance", basically this section highlights the amount teams and individual players ran during the 2012/13 UEFA CL group stages. You might find the following paragraph interesting -

"At the end of the group stage, the player who had the most meters 'on the clock' was Ajax's Danish International Christian Eriksen."

Out of 600 players in the World's premier club competition, Christian Eriksen covered the most ground! A stat I find hugely surprising and strangely happy about (not sure why, maybe I'm weirder than previously thought!).

If that got you excited, then the table below will have you reaching for the tissues! The table lists the average meters covered per minutes played in the 2012/13 UEFA CL group stages, guess which two players come out on top?


Thats right, the two players who covered more meters per minute than anyone else were our boys Christian Eriksen and Lewis Holtby. Their achievement is even more impressive when you realise the other players on this list are fully developed world class talents (seven of whom ended up in the final!). This table also illustrates to me the importance of high energy attacking midfielders and just how crucial they are in a successful team.

What does it all mean? Well Christian played in an Ajax team who collectively ran the most out of all the group stage participants, something probably attributed to their intense pressing and movement. Having watched Lewis for almost a year, its pretty easy to understand how he managed to get so high up the list - the boy runs his ass off!

Not sure if it was AVB, Sherwood or Baldini (in the case of Eriksen) but I'm pretty sure these numbers were a factor when drawing up a list of transfer targets.

For anyone as footballingly (#newWord!) geeky as me, the technical report can be found here. Its a fascinating read and a good example of why European teams have begun to dominate International football over the past decade. The pooled and shared knowledge of the game by UEFA has played a massive part in the rise of Spain, Germany and the coming storm of Belgium, Switzerland and hopefully one day England (that well known footballing outpost ;) )

Hope you guys enjoyed this geeky Lewis & Christian love-in as much as I have!

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