The Day I Was Embarrassed To Be A Spurs Fan

I literally have no words to describe the anger and pain I feel right now. We have a coach, a young coach, with serious ambition- a young coach who has the best win percentage ever. You read that right- ever. Who in their right mind lambastes a coach of this nature to the point where he is forced out of the club? Spurs fans, that's who.

I love Spurs from the bottom of my heart, I really do. They mean the world to me, I'm not being funny, they've got me through some difficult times and made me smile when nothing else could. Not only that, I love the promise and the infrastructure. We have a great youth academy/set up, with an ambitious young coach driving the club towards new, unprecedented heights. We have a strong, deep squad that is ready to fight for not only the top four, but maybe even the title.

Things can get tough. It happens in any profession, work gets tough and you just need to grind it out. After Spurs got hammered by City 6-0, a game where AVB did get a fair few things wrong, the manager responded with a draw at home against the current champions and then 3 straight wins. I make that for to be L-D-W-W-W. That is most certainly not the kind of form which gets a manager sacked. We lost again yesterday, and it hurt losing 5-0 in our own backyard, I'm not going to sugarcoat it. AVB did make some horrendous tactical errors, but I'm sorry, he had to play a central midfielder at centre-back, partnered with arguably our worst central defender we have available (I would actually take Capoue as our 4th CB over Dawson, he is truly terrible). He had to play Kyle Naughton at left-back, who is a lower premiership quality right-back at best, let alone getting me started on him as left-back. He had his summer signing playmaker ripped away from him for the last month through injury too, which hasn't helped proceeding as AVB tried to settle the squad. After BAE's tweet after the game yesterday, you can bloody well see why AVB had no time for the joker. People who said that having BAE would have stopped the City defeat or stemmed the flow of goals- they still would have scored 6, except Navas would have scored all of them from the right. It wasn't helped when a £3 Million 'waste-of-space' centre back had to be brought on to fill the void when Naughton limped off injured at half-time. Another player forced out of position.

So we've established now that AVB had nowhere near his ideal selection available to him and hasn't for a considerable amount of time. Yet, despite some horrendous results, we still managed to find ourselves after just 16 games only 5 points off fourth place, having played City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal- even after taking only 2 points from these games. He has had some issues settling some of the players in, but he hasn't had a full plethora of players to choose from for the entirety of the season. If Arsenal had 3 CB's out, they'd be down to Jenkinson or Miguel at the back, the later of which most of you have never heard of, which proves a point how unlucky AVB has been.

So when I prop open my laptop and check my social media to see 'AVB OUT' plastered everywhere, all I can be thinking is how short sighted and stupid these fans are. Think where United would be if they hadn't stuck by Fergie? Think where Arsenal would be if they'd sacked Wenger when they were 13 points below us (just like everyone said they should). The clubs showed loyalty to their managers and reaped the rewards. Arsenal are now top under the same coach everyone wanted sacked 20 odd-months ago and Fergie retired as one of the most respected managers in history. Standing by AVB who's having a couple of rough results with a semi-fit squad shouldn't be so tough. I mean in 17 months he has only managed to achieved the highest win rate of any manager we have ever had. We're in the league cup Quarter-finals and we got a full 18 points from our Europa league group. Not only that, when fans complained about there not being enough goals, we only went and managed to score 10 goals in the next 4 games! What more can he give you? He drew at home to the champions, then went and won 2 games on the bounce- away none the less!

AVB was widely courted in the summer by PSG and Madrid and let's be honest, he could have gone to either should he have wanted too. He would have had more money, probably more job security and here goes- better fans. Fans who I'm not literally embarrassed to be associated with because the atmosphere in the ground is so appallingly bad. It's disgusting, people say there's not loyalty in football anymore, and congratulation Daniel Levy, you've managed to prove it with one of the most short sighted decisions in the history of football. You sir, are a prat.

I think I've got most of what I wanted to say off my chest, yet I'm still beyond words. You idiot fans who couldn't get behind him because he wasn't 'interesting' enough are not only fickle but short minded and stupid. It's fans like you that make me hope that we finish 10th or below this year just to show you what a good thing we had. AVB is only a man I'm sure he read what was going on online and I can promise you it affected his judgement in the 'mutual agreement'.

Here's what I suggest anyways- we right this season off right here. Obviously we try, but manager wise we get someone to take us to the end of the year. By god, take Ian Holloway for the comedic value, I just don't care anymore- but personally if we're going in that direction can we have Mick McCarthy, please?

We get an interim like Hoddle (one of the most backward minded coaches available in my opinion who will bring us back into the early 2000's), but just use him until the end of the season or until when a decent manager becomes available like Tito Vilanova (if he is well enough). There is nobody out there right now better than AVB who we can attract. Unless Levy pulls Klopp out the bag, probably still dazed with all the Ketamin he would have to spike him with to get him to sign a contract, I will always be against our chairman now. I've always supported him, but not now, I'm done.

Well done Spurs fans for essentially forcing out the best manager we've ever had in my lifetime from the club I love. Congratulations on the hostile atmosphere and your pathetic tweets (much love twitter brigade). You're a joke, the lot of you and not a funny one either- a total disgrace.

I'm done, much love.

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