CFC Commentariat Prediction Cup

Anyone interested in a pick 'em CFC CPL Cup - Premier League Edition?

NOTE: This was originally posted as a reply on Duckspurs' Week 17, but I want to give it its own post due to, what I hope, was a lack of traffic.

I'll also post the TL;DR up here to spare you your time since nobody reads the articles:

TL,DR: It’s basically a UEFA Champions League for pick ‘em, using Premier League matches. Everything is determined based on who you pick to win games and how accurate you are. It’s pretty simple. I think it would be fun.

Since the death of the OTHER picks league – the CFCFPLPL – due to dwindling interest, busy schedules, and what have you, I’ve been wandering aimlessly through the internets, search for my picks fix.

…And an idea has sprung to life.

Instead of keeping track, and data monkeys, and multiple picks, etc. I have come up with an idea for a champions-league format for pick ’em for the rest of the season.

Basically, we would start with as many people as want to play, and players would be seeded based on their current points total in DuckSpurs’ league. If they aren’t in it, they would be unseeded. I would place them in pots and randomly create groups of 3-4 teams.

So, basically, you are facing off against one other player each week. You each are assigned a game from which to predict the winner, score, and goalscorers of. Correct winner = 2 goals, correct score = 1 goal, correct scorers = goal differential.

So, essentially, You can score up to three goals, and as little as 0 goals. Whoever scores the most goals gets the 3 points. If both teams score the same amount of goals it’s a draw and you get 1 point – just like regular football.

After 6 group matches, 2 against each opponent, and the top 2 of each group qualify for the elimination stage. If extras are needed to round out the elimination field, 3rd place teams with high points totals will be selected.

During the elimination stage, players will face off as normal, but will do so over two weeks, with an aggregate score, until the final, which will just be one week.

How it would work:

I would run the group stages here on CFC with a post each week detailing progress, then move to a bracket on that would look something like this:

That would be where the results are stored, but the rest would continue to be done here on CFC. I will do all of the work and calculations, just like Duckspurs does, so that no one feels burdened and everyone can feel free to join.

I hope to get enough responses by Matchday 22 so I can set it up. If we get a full field of 64 teams, which would be amazing, than we would need to start no later than Week 23, as this would allow for 6 group stage matches and 9 knockout stage matches 2 R32, 2 R16, 2 QF, 2 SF, 1F.

Let me know! And if you like the idea please rec so we can more visibility on the CFC home page. Thanks!

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