Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 6, 2013

Paul Gilham

The Hoddle is back!

Happy Friday, Spursland! My apologies for my absence yesterday, my pretties, but I am sure you understand after seeing the filthy sickness of Chiriches' goal. I mean, it was so sick. How sick was it? It was so sick it inflamed my already diabolical illness and put me to sleep from the end of the game until 2 am. Vlad "Batman" Chiriches, now that's what I call #batcountry.

And now the "news"

Shout Out To That Guy MCofA For Getting The Big Push With A Mention On Grantland- Grantland

The above title is just an exercise I like to do occasionally to keep myself up with what the kids are saying, You know, all the modern lingo as I rapidly age into irrelevance. And by irrelevance I mean not famous, but over 30. America, ya'll.

Spurs Move 1882 Group After Breach Of Safety Codes- Telegraph

Why can't we have nice things? Sigh. I am all about the goals of 1882. That said, it seems the team is having their arms twisted by the local government and I can see why. Safety is a big issue in modern English football. Keeping exit routes clear is important and anyone who hasn't experienced what it was like in the old days of all standing grounds need only read about the "crush" of being in the stands as described in Among The Thugs. But the English atmosphere of the past does seem to be dying (hi, Arsenal) and that sucks. The NFLization of the EPL needs to stop at some point and the things that make going to the game great need to be remembered. It's the atmosphere, the songs, the feeling of being in one tribe. Your tribe.

Brazil To Not Be Ready For The World Cup, Romario Speaks To SB Nation- SB Nation Soccer

If anything in a non-footballing sense comes out of this World Cup hopefully it is the world waking up to how incredibly mismanaged the nation of Brazil is. Their politicians are corrupt, and the common people are left to live in the worst slums in the world (arguably).

Small Market Charm In The MLS Cup- SB Nation Soccer

The two smallest markets in a title match since Superbowl I. That is a lot of Superbowls ago. That expert analysis brought to you by the flu.

Cavani: Suarez Would Command World Record Fee- Liverpool Offside

That is a very biting comment.

Lebron And Kevin Hart To Star In Comedy?- SB Nation

Look, I have been a big Kevin Hart fan since his days playing the tiny black guy to Patrice O'Neal's big black guy on Tough Crowd With Collin Quoin. But there is no way this is good, and I will say that with my chest.

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