The Inaugural (I think) Cartilage Free Captain Meme Bracket

Inspired by the good folks over at Every Day Should Be Saturday, I've decided to put together the Inaugural (I Think) Cartilage Free Captain Meme Bracket (IITCFCMB for short). The goal here is to create a bracket to find out what the most popular memes are here.

Some quick background: I'd like to do memes that were born and bred by the commentariat. Since I have only been actively participating for about a year, I may have missed some. Also, I would like this to be all-encompassing and not focus on just the current team/players/coaches. I would like to have the background stories on some of the memes so that this can be hilarious AND educational, so use the comments to suggest, nominate, and inform the masses. After assimilating all the data, the IITCFCMB committee will convene to create the bracket, and voting will be done with a series of fanposts. I hope you guys are willing to participate, as this project's success is dependent on your contributions.

The memes (and stories) I have assimilated are as follows (and please, feel free to correct my stories as necessary):

-Bacon Sandwich: After a controversial loss to Stoke City last season, Spurs boss Harry Redknapp was quoted as saying, "...[H]e’ll look at it tonight on TV when his wife’s making him a bacon sandwich and he’ll think ‘Fuck me, what have I done there?'" Ever since, it's become a favorite nonsensical response to poll questions.

-FRAAB: When Redknapp was first hired, he knew very little about his squad. After subbing on Roman Pavlyuchenko for the first time under his gaffership, he told him to "Fuckin' run around a bit!" Now its a refrain for a common Redknapp tactical formation.

-Gary Rootbeer: During a game against Stevenage in the FA cup last season, a commenter thought he heard the radio announcer call one of the Stevenage players "Gary Rootbeer." It is now a name bestowed upon any lower division player.

-THE: Title given to Leandro Damiao as our opinion that he is THE striker the team needs. Derivative from #weneedastriker and #weneedTHEstriker.

-We'll all feel terrible when Aston Villa is relegated on goal differential: After an 8-0 loss to Chelsea and a 4-0 Loss to Spurs, Aston Villa's GD plummeted. after falling to the relegation places, someone (not sure who) stated that we'd feel terrible when Villa were relegated due to their poor goal differential.

-Hair Club for Spurs: With gorgeous gents Scott Parker, Jan Vertonghen, Lewis Holtby, Gareth Bale, and a few others in the squad, we've got some of the best looking hair in the Prem!

-Do you know how to post videos to Facebook?: After a double post, someone always asks the poster if they know how to post videos to Facebook, referencing an old AT&T wireless commercial.

-AVBOUT!: The media LOVED Redknapp and is not a huge fan of AVB after his time at Chelsea. After any ridiculous happening, its a common refrain to point out how ridiculous the press is.

-"A disgrace to the game": Sir Alex Ferguson lambasted the officials after we defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford earlier this season, criticizing the lack of "Fergie Time" as "not having the proper opportunity to win a football match" and "A disgrace to the game" Speaking of...

-"He could've been killed": A clearance by Ashley Williams thumped Robin Van Persie on the head. SAF wanted him red carded for the incident and even dropped the line "He could've been killed." This man is ridiculous.

-Uncle Menno is watching: Uncle Menno is the comment moderator, and anything that is slightly offputting in the comments (sorry about this weekend, btw), Uncle Menno is swift with the Banhammer.

-Uncle Menno is the worst father ever: He got his daughter a David Bentley jersey. 'Nuff said.

-Bat Country: During the transfer window, crazy transfer rumors are determined to be coming from Bat Country and ranked on a scale of 1-10 bats (Bat Country is a Hunter S. Thompson reference, methinks).

That's all I have for the time being. I'd like to have at least 16 quality memes to vote on, but if we can draw it out to 32, I will be cool with that.

What are your favorite memes?

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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