Writers Prediction League - Spurs vs. Newcastle United

Paul Thomas

The writers at Cartilage Free Captain predict the result for Tottenham Hotspur's match vs. Newcastle United.

Wezus. After Gareth Bale put the team on his back last week, Spurs are looking good in fourth place, and just one point out of third. The international break proved good fortune as well, with Spurs players scoring on-duty and others resting up for the weekend.

But Spurs play host to the early game this weekend, as Newcastle United arrives on Saturday. The Toon have struggled this season, battling on the edge of a relegation battle. However, a busy January saw an infusion of Francophone talent, as the likes of Mathie Debuchy, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Yoan Gouffran, Massadio Haidara, Moussa Sissoko, and Kevin Mbabu arrived to bolster the squad. The results have paid off, with consecutive league wins against Aston Villa and Chelsea.

As for the Prediction League, Mechanick dropped a perfect prediction last week that has him on the edge of the lead. The rules remain the same in the Prediction League--one point for a correct prediction, a bonus point for getting the score correct. Here are the current standings:

Name Score
Ashlock 19
Mechanick 18
Petrilli 17
Ed 14
Ryan 13
Kevin 12
Uncle Menno 12
The Roosevelts 10

This week's predictions:

Kevin: Who watched Sissoko last week? Who watched Parker last week? Welp. 2-2 Draw.

Mechanick: Spurs hold serve at home, as Bale puts the team on his back again. 1-0 Spurs

Ryan: I have absolutely no reason to be optimistic about this match, but I am. 2-1 Spurs.

Ashlock: Spurs haven't lost in a while, but they have only won one of their last 5 with Parker starting. I see that trend continuing. 0-0 Draw

The Roosevelts: Dat Holtby, 2-1 Spurs

Ed: Newcastle have been in improving form and Moussa Sissoko is an absolute force of nature, while Spurs haven't really hit the high notes again yet this season. For that reason I sadly have to call this an entertaining 2-2 Draw.

Petrilli: 2-1 Spurs. Levy reveals that the reason he didn't bother to buy a striker is because HE is our new striker. He gets a brace in our first match.

Uncle Menno: Oddly enough, I feel confident that we're going to eke out a win this weekend against the French Connection Newcastle. 2-0 Spurs, and shots of Absinthe all around afterwards.


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