Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 12, 2013

Michael Regan

Are there "posters" in football, #batcountry Espanna edition is back, and we might need to find our Neo.

Happy Tuesday Spursland! So I am glad that nobody seems to be panicking after Sunday. Which is nice, you shouldn't panic over small bumps in the road. Save panicking for the real scary stuff, like robots being able to learn everything ever from each other. We are minimum like 6 years away from the Matrix being a thing.

And now the "news"

Townsend Hopes To Impress On Loan-Sky Sports

Sounds to me like one of our prized young guns is trying to bat his eyelashes at some other parties. I for one hope that he isn't up on his flirt game, Townsend is not someone we should let go cheap. I for one like him right where he is, a mostly unknown gem, and he is all ours, except for the loan thing but you get the point.

Bale Card Is Good As Long As We Go Through, Says AVB-Telegraph

I am fine with some forced rest for the welsh warhorse. It is relatively clear that we will be going through at this point, it isn't a done deal but in all likelihood we are through. Let's let Gareth get some rest, spend some time with his new daughter than come back and plop down like four or 5 goals against Fulham.

Madrid Said To Be Lining Up Massive £61 Million Bid For Bale-Caught Offside

Please and thank you guys, could you also get me a line on some jamon just to sweeten the deal a bit?

Depressed About Your Team? Don't Worry; It Gets Better--SB Nation Soccer

Not according to a recent study I concluded of Piers Morgan's twitter account. Apparently it only gets worse and it is all Arsene Wenger's fault.

Fuiham Academy Taking England By Storm-Cottager Confidential

That is nice for them, to bad they still have a giant statue of Michael Jackson at their ground. That isn't something you just come back from.

Is Their A Football Equivalent To The Basketball Poster?-The Short Fuse

I am going to go with no. Mostly because when someone sends me a video of on of these dunks (I'm not a big basket ball guy) 90 percent of the time I come off wondering how the dunker wasn't called for an offensive foul. A lot of these seem to have things like guys pushing themselves up and over other guys by putting a free hand on their shoulder. I don't know if that is strictly speaking illegal but if should be. And if you compare the videos in this article there isn't any question which play takes more skill. The two are really apples and oranges.

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