What It's Like To Go To A Spurs Game at White Hart Lane!

Ok, so first I'm going to qualify this post by apologising for the terrible video quality. For whatever reason, my phone was set to a quality that basically makes having recorded anything an irrelevance. But it has sound, so I've uploaded it to YouTube anyway and you can take a look. But the images give you hopefully a bit of an experience. That was my aim, anyway.

Getting To The Ground

So, my first step was getting there. As I live in North London anyway, I could have walked it. As it goes though, my dad drove me most of the way there, (past the Gilpin's Bell and Bricklayer's and that where you might want to hang out before a match) and then briefly pulled in at a bus stop and I near enough jumped out of the car and he drove off. What I'm saying there subtly is that bus lanes are not for cars stopping in, and don't be a jerk if you do get a lift down to the stadium. Also worth nothing is that you absolutely can't get anywhere near the stadium by car on a matchday, and that your phone will stop working within maybe 5 minutes' walk of the stadium, so meet up outside of that radius and walk together. Hence, Gilpin's Bell pub etc. That's the classic arrangement. Anyway, for me: lift from my dad. You can see the streets filled with people milling along getting to the stadium, mostly wearing nondescript stuff. I've been to a few Sunderland games, and truthfully the experience is totally different there. There's a massive bridge to walk across, and it's just... red and white everywhere. It's a real phenomenon. Anyway, so I've just gotten out of the car and I think to myself "Cartilage Free might be interested from this point?" so I, a 22 year old, bravely get out my phone in public in North London and start taking photos to illustrate this walkthrough. Text underneath sometimes.



...getting closer...




Right, time to cross over the road. No worries about traffic, basically at a standstill.


Here we are, one of the entrances coming up.



Taking a look back. It really is North London, isn't it? Christ. This is why the NDP is such a big deal, and why we mustn't move away. I've volunteered at a project at Northumberland Park School in the past, and Spurs funded it for a year. Lee Young-Pyo came along for a kickabout with the members once, it was super sweet. Never forget the roots of this club, or the real work they do in the community.

Getting to my seat


This isn't my photo, but this is what the queues for the turnstyles look like.


Next, up a whole bunch of stairs to my seat...


The view


...and here we are. Living the dream.



Who's that near the players?


He's got... a tail?





Players! Super exciting.


This was probably as good as it got for Spurs.

The match (not much to see here and I couldn't move much, so I didn't upload any photos)


Half time, pathetic fallacy provided free of charge by ominous yet boring clouds.


Maybe it was the pitch's fault we were so bad in the first half?


Best stab it a lot.

At half time, Pat Jennings came out and did an interview and they showed footage of him at his peak on screen. It was nice.



Terrible panorama courtesy of Photaf gives some idea of view.

Terrible videos

Here's Daws playing kickabout with presumably one of the mascots on the day. What a nice guy!

And finally...



Well, I hope this has given you guys a taste of the matchday experience. Only for you, guys.

All the AVBalehearts, ever your a01chtra.

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