The (not quite as) Big Five of prospective RPL fans - The Runners-Up and Honourable Mentions

So, because Eyebrow asked, I'm doing another RPL team update.

5. Kuban Krasnodar

EPL Equivalent: Norwich
Krasnodar's twin brother. They performed admirably last season, finishing in the top 8, and they have continued to impress this season. Their kits are almost as ugly as that of their neighbours and they don't play particularly nice football. There are no major stars on their team and they are largely just an average RPL squad, playing above their skill level due mostly to poor seasons from 3 of the 4 Moscow sides.

- Improving team
- Nice region

- No major stars
- Ugly kits

4. Terek Grozny

EPL Equivalent: West Brom
Terek started the season amazingly but flared out as the season started to progress, much like West Brom. Like Kuban, they lack major stars and have struggled of late, but they still stand barely in contention for European spots. Ugly kits all around (starting to be a trend, huh).

- Some good points this season
- Nice-ish area

- No standout players
- Dodgy kits
- Fading out of the season

3. Krylia Sovetov Samara

EPL Equivalent: Wigan
Krylia seem to do the same thing that Wigan do every year; pull themselves out of the relegation zone at the last minute and they look set to do the same this year. Krylia's favourite move is bringing young players from other clubs in on loan, which isn't the greatest long term strategy.

- Their name means Wings of the Soviets
- Cool blue kit

- They've got to go down at some point
- Only good for long enough to stay up

2. Lokomotiv Moscow

EPL Equivalent: Liverpool
Both Lokomotiv and Liverpool have managers who do absolutely bizarre things, like benching Roman Pavlyuchenko or Nuri Sahin for Dame N'Doye or Joe Allen. Lokomotiv play almost exclusively in a 4-3-3, but sometimes shift to a 4-2-3-1, neither of which is even slightly intelligent considering they are almost completely bereft of wide players with any ability. They are the smallest of the four Moscow clubs and seem to hold that small club mentality year-in year-out.

- Super Pav and Charlie
- Promising youth coming up
- Red and green kit (it's like Christmas all year round!)

- Small club mentality
- Slaven Bilic

1. Rubin Kazan

EPL Equivalent: Stoke (sorry LE)
Rubin Kazan are the Stoke of Russia, there is no other way to put it. The play style is identical and the home stadium is just as frightening. The similarities even go down to the misfiring strikers. The biggest difference is that Rubin have been successful in recent years, landing a title in 2008 and playing in Europe consistently since then.

- Talented side
- League titles in near future
- European football
- Bibras Natkho (seriously, look him up)

- Ugly, ugly, ugly football
- They will be knocked out of Europe by Chelsea

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