Aaron Lennon: Premier League Numbers

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Lennon in his Leeds days.

Aaron Lennon, still only 25 years old but with plenty of experience of playing in the Tottenham shirt. 186 games in fact. In this article i want to focus on Lennon’s performance this year in the Premier League.

We have 28 starts worth of data and I want to break those numbers down and conduct an analysis similar to the one i did looking at Gareth Bale (link). Think of shots, game states and creativity in the form of shot assists.

Total Shots


This is not a comparison between Bale and Lennon, but Bale will merely be used as a reference point. Bale’s number is 4.10 shots per game.

Shots Breakdown


This is a breakdown of Lennon’s shots per game type, seen as a moving average.

Missed shots are decreasing and in their place we are seeing Lennon have more of his shots blocked, and we also note a slight increase in SoT. Better to have those shots on target and blocked than watch them sail into row Z.

As a percentage:

SoT Blocked Missed
31.82% 40.91% 27.27%

Now, this is the point where I would look at Aaron Lennon’s goals, but noting that he has scored just 4 times (goals aren’t really his game) I will just list Lennon’s basic scoring% and shooting efficiency numbers.

Basic Numbers

Total Shots SoT Goals Scoring% Shooting Eff
22 7 4 57.14 31.82

As stated scoring goals isn’t Lennon’s game. Lennon’s main strength is his ability to create with dazzling feet and what maybe the quickest ten yard step in the Premier League. Speed kills and it is an essential component of Lennon’s game.

To examine Lennon’s ability to create chances for his team-mates I want to show you something I have named shot assists.


Lennon’s shots assists numbers tell is some cool things. Firstly Lennon’s crossing isn’t creating all that much, less than a shot assist per game. Lennon’s pass assist numbers are excellent though. I assume passes include cut backs and this is what is driving his higher number in this category.

Lennon’s numbers have suffered a slight dip due to him missing the last 2 games.

Overall, Lennon is creating a ton of chances for his team with his excellent play, most of those of chances are via passes, and Lennon’s average per game looks like it may settle in and around 2 shot assists per game.

Basic Shot Assists

pass cross total
Shots 47 11 58
Assists 5 1 6

Same information as listed above, it again emphasizes Lennon’s creation does not stem from his crosses.

Lennon at Game States


-1 Tied Plus 1
Goals 2 2
SoT 1 4 2
Blocked 1 5 3
Missed 5 1
Total 2 14 6

As per usual, over 50% of a players performance is recorded at a tied game state. Lennon has recorded just shy of 75% of his shots at a tied game state, no stat padding here.

Shot Assists

-2 -1 Tied Plus 1 Plus 2
Pass 1 7 25 8 6
Cross 0 2 9 0 0
Total 1 9 34 8 6

Here is the breakdown of Lennon’s performance at certain game states. Again, well over 50% of Lennon’s creation was recorded when the game was tied, including nearly all his crossing data.

In conclusion, Lennon may never be mistaken as a scoring winger, but we know this already. Shooting and scoring isn’t really his game, creating chances most definitely is. Lennon excels in setting up his team-mates for scoring chances and to highlight this let’s look at how close Lennon is to one of the budding stars of the Premier league, his team-mate Gareth Bale:

Bale Lennon
Pass 36 47
Cross 24 11

Lennon has created 58 shots to Bale’s 60, although each player has created those shots in different ways, Bale is the better crosser, Lennon the better passer.

Between them they are creating 4 shots per game for their team-mates, this creativity accounts for 22% of Tottenham’s total shots. Throw in each players shots totals and we are looking at Bale and Lennon being responsible for 258 of Tottenham’s 548 shots and that is good for 47% of the total offensive output.

A fearsome duo, indeed.

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