Ah, so that's the deal with Gylfi

A little over a month ago, I wrote 'What's the deal with Gylfi?', because at that stage the Nordic mid-fielder had just gone missing in another match and to me, just didn't seem to fit with our side.

The response to an attached poll was that all but 12 per cent of CFC folk, thought Tottenham should persist with Sigurdsson (although about half thought a loan spell might do him some good). About a week later, AVB revealed that Tottenham had received a handsome bid from Reading for Sigurdsson, but had dismissed it out of hand, showing that the club had faith that he would eventually find his place in the side.

Right now, all those who showed faith in Sigurdsson can quite rightly say 'I told you so'. Sigurdsson has been both instrumental and excellent in his past two games. I thought he changed the flow of the game against West Ham and his through-ball for Bale's opening goal was obviously critical in our wonderful NLD victory.

I don't think it's coincidental that Sigurdsson's form has come from a significant change in the way our squad lines up; most notably Garth Bale's move to play a central role with Sigurdsson taking up his place on the flank.

Although, only one a half games in, Sigurdsson and Bale look like they will strike up a fantastic combination. Moving Bale inside thrusts more responsibility onto our brilliant talisman, which he obviously relishes. Sigurdsson on the other hand is under less pressure to create, which ironically is resulting in him creating more. He's obviously not as dynamic or speedy as Bale or Lennon, but he represents a different kind of option because he always threatens when he cuts inside.

At the same time, when Tottenham want to, he and Bale can switch and make use of Bale's pace outwide, leaving Sigurdsson to float dangerously around the middle.

Of course, these two have been paired before with the roles reversed, and given they swap and change it's amazing what a difference that subtle change has made. But to me, the reality is that Bale needed more responsibility and Sigurdsson needed less of it and now both players are far more comfortable with their respective roles in this side.

I think all Sigurdsson needs now is to hit one of his long-range goals and we'll see this partnership continue to blossom. It just goes to show that football is so much a balancing act of player's respective abilities and (the often under appreciated factor) mindsets. I give massive kudos to AVB for sticking with what-so-obviously worked against West Ham for such a big match as the NLD, when it was probably an easier decision to stick with Holtby in that central role. I'm sure Sigurdsson appreciated that his excellent performance in that match resulted in him retaining his spot in the side and another good performance should only see him grow in confidence, and we could be on the way to seeing the Gylfi we were all hoping for when his signing was first announced.

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