The Inaugural (I Think) Cartilage Free Captain Meme Bracket Release!

The suggestions are in, the committee's opinion considered, and the bracket created for the Inaugural (I think) Cartilage Free Captain Meme Bracket!

Remember, this bracket is designed to produce your favorite meme here on Cartilage Free Captain. A few notes before we release the bracket:

-I tried to avoid player nicknames as these really aren't memes (except in one specific case as you will see)
-I did not use anything relating specifically to members of the staff or the commentariat. I felt that it was best to focus on the team itself.
-When I post the matchups, I will post them one at a time, but the meme list will (hopefully) link to each meme's current matchup. If you see any issues with these, just email me.
-I will never use the (player initials)(jersey number) meme. Ever.

Without further ado…the bracket!



And now, each seed, explained:

Bacon Sandwich – The undisputed top seed. Has had a strong performance in the threads

FRAAB – Had a dodgy finish, but still performing strong

#weneedastriker – Despite strong performances throughout January, has fallen on hard times of late, but still carries some weight

Gary Rootbeer – Has been largely absent of late, but performances have been quite strong over the year

Bat Country – A sneaky strong competitor that makes appearances when you least expect it to

SOON – Relatively new, but definitely a force to be reckoned with. Could surprise some

THE – No matter who THE is, THE is always present

The Hair Club for Spurs – Strong appearances despite performance on the pitch by the members, but has a tendency to be overshadowed

We’ll all feel bad when Aston Villa are relegated on goal differential – Despite being the agent of someone else’s demise, can never be overshadowed

Do you know how to post videos to Facebook? – Makes a charge every now and then, but has limped into the bracket

A disgrace to the game – Despite a strong start to the campaign, only makes a few appearances when needed

AVBOUT – Has fallen on hard times to the demise of those that actually want AVB out

Octopool – Has become less and less of a joke since its subject has become less and less of a joke

Comrade Vroom – A surprise entrant that owes its bid to unadulterated love from the committee

He could’ve been killed – Despite its inclusion, we all know he wouldn’t have been killed

Friedel/Lloris would’ve saved that – Barely made it due to the fact that no matter who is in goal, the other keeper really could not have saved that

Full descriptions and stories for each meme will be in each matchup post. Voting will begin as soon as the posts are up and end on Sunday. Sound off below, and have fun with this!

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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