Detailed Look of the Upcoming Schedule

This is just a quick look at the remaining schedule for us and our competition. A fan post was put up a little while ago by MisterM about this same thing, but I think it is important to see this week after week, especially while it is looking so optimistic for us. I probably won't be doing a weekly installment myself, but I think it would be pretty important. The competition for top four theoretically includes Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton and Liverpool. However, realistically the competition for the top four looks like so:

Rnk.Team - Games Played - Points

1. Manchester United - 33 - 82

2. Manchester City - 33 - 68

3. Arsenal - 34 - 63

4. Chelsea - 33 - 62

5. Tottenham - 33 - 61

So obviously after today, we are one point out of fourth place, and two out of third with a game in hand on Arsenal. So it is very important that we have a holistic view of the competition that we are facing, including the form that the opposition is in (Currently).

Tottenham's Schedule:

Date: Team - Home/Away - Record for last 5 games

4/27 Wigan Athletic (A) - (2-1-2)

5/4 Southampton (H) - (3-2-0)

5/8 Chelsea (A) - (3-1-1)

5/12 Stoke City (A) - (1-1-3)

5/19 Sunderland (H) - (2-1-2)

The Good News:

We only have one top half team left to play, Chelsea, and they are not looking too good recently with a draw with Liverpool and a loss to Southampton. Also, Stoke has been in terrible form recently.

The Bad News:

Three of our last five games are away, Stoke City, despite their record, have a pretty solid defense and are good at sneaking out draws. And Southampton has been in sparkling form recently, despite being pretty bad all around, beating both Chelsea and Liverpool, and having not lost in 6 consecutive weeks.

Chelsea's Schedule:

4/28 Swansea City (H) - (0-2-3)

5/5 Manchester United (A) - (3-1-1)

5/8 Tottenham (H) - (2-1-2)

5/11 Aston Villa (A) - (3-1-1)

5/19 Everton (H) - (2-2-1)

The Good News:

They only have one bottom half team left to play, while they have 4 top half teams left to play.

The Bad News:

However, Manchester United will have nothing to play for at that point, same with probably Everton, and Swansea has been in bad form.

Arsenal's Schedule:

4/28 Manchester United (H) - (3-1-1)

5/4 Queens Park Rangers (A) - (0-1-4)

5/14 Wigan Athletic (H) - (2-1-2)

5/19 Newcastle United (A) - (1-1-3)

The Good News:

Unfortunately there is almost no good news looking at this schedule. The lone good news is they are playing Manchester United. However, we are only two points down on them and have a game in hand.

The Bad News:

Three out of their four opponents are terrible all being in the bottom 5 teams in the league. Manchester United probably has almost nothing to play for, while QPR and Newcastle could be beaten by my cousin's team at the moment, and they are 5. But hell, maybe one of them could sneak a draw out of it.

So my analysis is that looking at these schedules, Chelsea has by far the hardest one coming up, while Tottenham's schedule is only a tad bit harder than Arsenal's while Tottenham has a game in hand. So the way I see this working out is Tottenham and Arsenal sharing the top two spots and Chelsea being edged out. Tell me what you guys think.

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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