Case Study: Why 4-6-YOLO or False 9 is an eventuality.

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble. I spend the next 900 words rambling but


Catalyst of irrationality #1

The failure to buy a striker in January:

This is not meant to rile Daniel Levy for his failure to buy a striker. I understand why he didn't.

We could have bought Peter Odemwingie, Ricky Van Wolfswinkel or Loïc Rémy for 3p and a bag of chips. But we didn't. Some might argue that impulse buying is a thing of the past. Under AVB, Levy and Villas-Boas are both trying to bring about long term success. It's a valid argument but one I disagree with Levy bought Louis Saha, Ryan Nelsen Clint Dempsey heck even Rafa Van der Vaart all who I would class as impulse buys. Admittedly, Van der Vaart was a bit more long-term than the others but he was still bought on the spur of the moment. So Levy does indulge in his fair share of impulse buying and he will continue to do so even if his vision is much more long term than it was under Harry Redknapp. The reason, I think that is most realistic for the failure to buy a striker is because he was under instruction from AVB.

Catalyst of irrationality #2

The manner in which the strikers we do have are being 'frozen out.'

Defoe and Adebayor are in abysmal runs of form but I don't accept that they are abysmal players. When Defoe left to play with England over the International break, he was deployed as a striker and the attacking emphasis was on the strikers. I know it's against San Marino that he scored two goals but he scored, that's the bottom-line. When he's playing for Spurs he barely ever receives the ball let alone score a goal. The attacking emphasis isn't on the striker in the system AVB deploys. The attacking emphasis is on the false 9 (soon to be false 9) or no. 10 as it is now, Gareth Bale. That brings me seamlessly the next point.

Catalyst of irrationality #3

Players who aren't adept at recycling possession are being 'frozen out'

Aaron Lennon is the most lovable character from all the Spurs squad. From his eyebrows to running like a penguin to playing for the club for 8 years to having more than 300 appearances for Spurs and to never losing when he has a scored a goal, Lennon is loved by all. But he is being frozen out of the team. Mark over at Spurs Fanatic goes into the details in this article. Jake Livermore is also being frozen out. Livermore doesn't have any passing ability. Parker was the lesser of two evils. Both are unable to play possession football but Parker is better at defending.

Catalyst of irrationality #4

The attacking emphasis

Thanks to MCofA for pointing this out

Villas-Boas said of the Welshman: "With his run of form, as a striker he is most effective. "He is extremely comfortable playing as a striker. The more he plays there the more he is likely to be helping the team."

AVB is gradually molding Bale into a False 9. Every change that AVB makes from the system that Harry deployed to his own system is gradually. It took a masterclass from Hugo Lloris against SS Nazio to finally cement his place in the team. Had that been Harry, Lloris would have been thrown in the deep end. He could very well have ended up like David de Gea with his confidence killed with fire and his true ability remaining untapped, but that's a post for another day. Only against Man City in early November was Adebayor started for the first time. Every change is gradual but an eventuality with AVB. As the quote above shows Bale will eventually be converted into a False 9.

Catalyst of irrationality #5

Gylfi Sigurðsson

Spain are the team that have best deployed the 4-6 YOLO or False 9 formation. When you look at their two wing forwards, David Silva and Andrés Iniesta you wouldn't think they are wingers, you would think they are CAM's or CM's. The same can be said for Gylfi Sigurðsson, he was a CAM but now he is a LW. This is shows that AVB has intent to play him as a LW, either in a 4-3-3 or a False 9

Catalyst of irrationality #6

The type of players who are being linked with Spurs

While rumour mongering is not indicative of who a club are in the marker for. I have always thought that it is indicative of what the club are in the market for. Just in recent memory, Christian Eriksen, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Jordy Clasie and Viktor Fischer have been linked with Spurs. None can claim to be a striker, all can claim to play in the requisite positions for a false 9

Am I rambling? 

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