2013-2014 Commentariat Prediction League, Roll-Call Part 1



Okay, ladies and gents. Now that the season is over, we can look with eager eyes toward this summer. Hopefully, there will be a ton to discuss with new signings, transfers away from the club (sadly or not so sadly), and continued player development during the offseason. This roll-call is Part 1 of two articles that I will be posting, the second coming the first week of August before the season begins so that we don't miss anybody. Then, we'll all gather together again for another exciting campaign for Tottenham Hotspur.

The idea and premise of the Commentariat Prediction League is simple: why do the writers of Cartilage Free Captain get to have all the fun? We like predicting Tottenham's results and scores too! I've seen quite a few of us pick correct results in the comments of the Writers' Prediction League pieces, some of us correctly picking the scores as well (even goal scorers, for those sage and wise among us). Therefore, we as the faithful commentariat and wonderful members of CFC will come together to create an awesome prediction league that's all about glory and daring to predict the correct score is doing thus.

The rules are simple. Commentariat members, depending on the number participating and approval of those participating, will be divided into 20-member divisions mirroring the Premier League, Championship, npower Leagues, etc.
Every time a member predicts the correct result of a Tottenham Hotspur Barclays Premier League match (or all matches??), that member will earn one point. For example, if you think Spurs will beat Arsenal 2-1 in the home fixture, as they did in 2012, and Spurs do in fact win, but they win 4-2, you get a point for predicting a Spurs' victory.
Every time a member predicts the correct result AND the correct score line, that member will earn 3 points.

I've also thought of the idea of incorporating goal differential into this prediction league, and it is up for discussion. What if GD in the Commentariat Prediction League was predicting the goal scorers for Tottenham? Or maybe the goal scorers for both teams? Each person would earn +1 GD for every correct goal scorer predicted. What do you guys think?

Regardless, I've gotten some good feedback from y'all thus far and I'm excited to see who triumphs.

Here's to an exciting summer! COYS!

Overall the regions are balancing out very nicely. We need to find out regions for only a few more people. The Pacific NW/West will most likely split into two different regions. Other than that, I think we are well on the road to having a very nicely balanced and competitive "Clausura"

United States Regions:

New York Region:
- Shane

New England Region:
Not Those Spurs

Mid-Atlantic Region:
Tottenham Makes Me Cry
bill blake

Texas Region:
Benoit’s Smart Car

South Region:
Scott Parker's Hairline

Pacific Northwest/West:
Head Chicken Keeper

Indiana/Kentucky Midwest Region:
E. Smith
cap’n hack

Ohio Midwest Region:
N 55thVin
Danny Boy18

London Region:
Tottenham’s Hair Club for Men (formerly mack_teller)
Richie C. (formerly Fat Jabba)

GB Region:
Perpetual Dark Horse
Day of the Triffics

Vive la Revolution! and Other Awesome Nations...Team #1 (VLROANT1):
Aslan the Melon
Jono Mc.

Vive la Revolution! and Other Awesome Nations...Team #2 (VLROANT2):
Danny Blanchflower

Ones I’m not sure of or forgot:

Those expected to be interested, but haven’t expressed explicit interest here:
MisterM (F&F)
Son of Mecha Mummy (Pacific NW/W)
Featherwheat (Pacific NW/W)

Comment below to help me sort out these regions, please! That way, we can carry over all these names and regions in August and make the set-up easier then.

Brainstorming ideas here:

Right now we have 12 groups and only 3 of them have more than 4 people. Hopefully that number will drop down to 1 or 2 at the most. Currently, for the 4-member groups, the winner will advance to the Commentariat Prediction League Premier League after the 1st half of the season (currently 9 members) and the 2nd place finisher in the 4-member groups will be a "playoff". For the other three groups, VLROANT1 will see the top 2 automatically advance with 3rd place in a "playoff", Pacific NW/W will have the top 2 advance with 3rd and 4th in a playoff, and Mid-Atlantic will have the top 3 advance with 4th and 5th in a playoff. That would see 16 automatic promotions into the CFC CPL Premier League. The fourteen members who qualify for "playoff" spots will pit their points and GD against each other with the top 4 from those 14 also being promoted to the Premier League, rounding our a 20-member CFC CPL Premier League. The other ten "playoff" teams will drop down the the CFC CPL Championship League.

That sets up the lower leagues. Currently we have 54 members placed into the 12 groups, with 2 members having expressed interest but have not been sorted into regions. As of right now, 20 would go into the Premier League, the lower 10 playoff teams would go into the Championship. That leaves 24 members in the remaining slots.

Is this sounding okay or should we expand to a 24-member Premier League and drop the rest to Championship? We also need to determine how many will be relegated each time from the Premier League...we can talk about all this come August.

Thanks everyone for your interest.

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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