Tottenham Hotspur Prospect Rankings, #11: Kenneth McEvoy

Oli Scarff

The 18 year-old winger affectionately dubbed "Baby Bale" fittingly clocks in at number 11 on our list. But can he step out of Bale's shadow and forge his own identity at the club?

Who is he?

Kenny McEvoy is one of a handful of U-18 players already seeing time with Spurs' stellar U-21 squad. The Republic of Ireland U-19 International is perhaps best known for his eerie resemblance to a young Gareth Bale. And the similarities don't stop there. He's a left-footed speedster equally adept on both wings who sports the number 11 on his back. But already his footballing abilities are garnering as much attention as his familiar face.

He made 9 appearances with the U-21s this season, bagging three goals and further three assists in his limited time on the pitch. He played a starring role in our NextGen side, notably contributing to the team's 4-1 evisceration of some provincial Spanish side called Barsomething-or-other. His standout performance on the year came in the FA Youth Cup against West Ham, terrorizing their fullbacks with his pace and trickery and setting up the first goal before finishing them off with a well-taken brace.

What can he do?

He's a fleet-footed winger with a good eye for goal. He's equally comfortable on both flanks, either staying wide or coming inside to shoot. He loves running at defenders and he has the skills and pace to do it. While not as technical a dribbler as Townsend, he's got enough tricks in his bag that he's not just a push-and-run type winger who relies on his pace to burn past defenders. He's got a very nice cross on him and appears very aware of the space around him--both where his teammates are and where he needs to be to receive a pass.

Where can he go from here?

Hopefully out of Bale's shadow. For a young player trying to walk the rigorous path to becoming a professional footballer, constant comparisons with one of the best players in the world is a tough weight to carry around. As he's said:

There is not a day goes by that I don't hear the term 'Baby Bale'

Gareth and I have chatted about it and he told me that I should just be my own person and not to listen to what other people have to say.

It's an important piece of advice and one he seems eager to heed. If McEvoy can keep his head down and focus on his game, he's got the talent to forge a solid career for himself. He's still fairly young, so don't expect to see him around the first team next season, but an important role with the U-21 side and a possible loan move to a lower league side should certainly be on the cards. If he keeps progressing, he's got a decent shot at making it with the first team.

While Spurs fans may dream of chanting "There's only two Gareth Bales" as the duo destroy Premier League defenses in tandem, it's not outside the realm of possibility that we'll be hearing "There's only one Kenny McEvoy" ringing around White Hart Lane instead before too long.

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