Gareth, some career advice


Many have advised you to move on from Tottenham this year or next. Much of this advice, and public comment, is self-interested or an addiction to big money transfers. But what is best for you in the long term? I hope people you trust, are advising you to stay at Spurs for the long term. In so doing, you would have the opportunity create an enduring legacy that is not possible at any other 'bigger' team. Your enduring legacy as a Spurs legend is a benefit way beyond money, way beyond joining a club already qualified to play in the CL next year.

It is not about cash

When you consider who to play for, money is far from the most important matter. Club culture, manager, team prospects and playing style (and your role in the team) are vastly more important. Also, you have the priceless chance to earn a place in Club history. You can grow even stronger at WHL and you already know that you prosper in the Spurs culture. Leaving Spurs for a new setup is a big call, even though it may be more money in the short or long term. There is no sum high enough to exchange for footballing satisfaction, and of course you will be well paid in any event.

The grass may not be greener

There is a risk in every move. Luka would surely have hoped for more influence at Real and a more productive first season. There is no guarantee that the football at a new club will reach the heights expected. You may have a stellar run at another club like RVP did in his first year with MUTD, but you are already doing that at Spurs and the best at Spurs is yet to come. It seems you and your teammates are loving life at Spurs, and loving working with AVB. The gaffer looks impressive: stable, dedicated to learning and ambitious. AVB is still growing as a manager and is still shaping the squad. It will get better, more consistent. And the team will be setup to take advantage of your talent.

Creating a Legacy

The EPL is likely to remain the most competitive league in the next few years and arguably where you are right now in nearly perfect football culture at Spurs for you to progress and continue to enjoy your contribution to the game. If you stay at Spurs and help the Club create a winning culture: to earn CL football, win the Premiership, win it again, and then again - how much more satisfying would that be than joining a team already in the CL and a regular top 1 / 2 / 3 title contender? How much longer would your legacy endure as a Spurs immortal? You have a unique opportunity at Spurs to create that history; that legacy; starting now Gareth.

The love of the Shirt

Gareth you will be one of the outstanding players of this decade. You are already much loved at Spurs for your football and, for all your talent, your humble down-to-earth character. If you stay with Spurs for a long time yet, knowing you have options to leave and, EVEN IF the titles and cups don't come in a rush, your loyalty to the Club would NEVER be forgotten. Your loyalty would take you to another level of respect and veneration in football, not just among Spurs fans. (Think Steven Gerrard). The shirt, your Club family and what you have achieved on the pitch are what remains at the end of your career. Loyalty to a Club is grossly under-rated. Staying at Spurs would not hold you back Gareth and would further endear you to Spurs fans. Forever.

Immortality beckons Gareth, seize it.

An Old Dog

PS: I hope I am not the only one talking to you like this.

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