Endless disappointment.

Good morning,

A reminder to keep your sanity when there's nothing but bats all around you.

Just keep driving.

One thing I've noticed during the transfer window that annoys me is how easy it is to get away with completely fabricating transfer news in the press.

I don't mean the fact that newspapers/blogs etc make up links that are 100% fictional, this is hardly news.

I mean the way that there are no repercussions when that story turns out to be nonsense.

For example.

Newspaper 1 (let's call it the maily dail) claims Tottenham are in for a guy named bob. Citing no sources they say we're preparing a bid of around 5m.

2 weeks later bob signs for Norwich for an undisclosed fee, now we get articles like:



now at this point is worth pointing out that I'm hardly expecting them to write an article titled

"we made the spurs thing up but this is actual news this time, we promise, Bob signs for Norwich."

I'd settle for them just not mentioning spurs at all, perhaps regaining a little dignity in keeping their fictional garbage and their actual sourced sports news separate.

This constant stream of being linked with players, only to be cruelly 'snubbed' 'outbid' or 'rejected' creates a disappointing feel for the window, we can sign 4 decent players to add to an already competent squad, but that hardly makes up for the fact that we missed 207 of our top targets.

I see it in the forums, and I see it on blogs and I see it in the comments threads.

People feeling that Levy is driving too hard a bargain/not moving quickly enough etc.

A feeling that in some way incompetence or a lack of ambition led us to lose bob to Norwich, I mean... Norwich! We can't even compete with Norwich!!! We're going to come 10th next season. Or relegated.

I'm not saying that any of those statements aren't true, (I actually am saying this, because they're not true) I'm saying that basing them on articles written by journalists that are clearly using Fifa as their source is unwise.

It's a bit different if AVB comes out and says Bob is definitely someone we're looking at, or even if he has a medical with us before jumping ship to Norwich.

But 9999 times out of 10000 that's not the case.

Here's what we know so far about this transfer window.

Paulinho was definitely a target.

We bought him.

So far so good. There are probably maybe possibly other targets, but if there are Tottenham are keeping quiet about them.

We shall have to see what happens.

It's nearly impossible not to get wrapped up in the transfer window, we all want our team to move forward and improve,

I like a good YouTube compilation as much as the next man.

But for the sake of sanity don't get too upset when we 'miss out' on 'targets'.

95% of them were probably not targets at all.

Or maybe they were, I don't know.

And you don't know.

And the maily dail definitely doesn't know.

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