Supporting Tottenham

Lots of people I know have supported multiple teams before.

I never have.

I've been a spurs fan for 23 years now.

The intensity of my support varies through the years.

But it's never absent.

I don't know what it's like to be a Manchester United fan, or a Chelsea fan, or an Arsenal fan or a Liverpool fan.

I only know what it's like to be a spurs fan.

Like many of the people on this site, I'm not from N17.

Most people in the UK I know support whoever their Father supports.

My father wasn't around when I was a young child but I have since learnt that he is a Newcastle fan.

Lucky escape there.

I went to school when I was 4 and made a friend, he asked me who I supported and I shrugged.

He said he supported Tottenham and they were the best team in the universe.

That was good enough for me.

I've been a spurs fan ever since and I can't imagine supporting anyone else.

For me they are the best team anyone could support and I'm glad I'm not a Utd fan, I love Tottenham, I love everything about Tottenham, I love that we don't win everything and that we don't spend a fortune, I love the heart and soul of the team that I think only Tottenham fans ever really see or understand.

And when we do win the league again.

When not if.

It's going to be magnificent.

You understand.

Spurs fans understand that.

I'm not trying to put other fans down.

In the largely troll free world of SBnation I am a frequent reader of The Short Fuse, The Busby Babe, Liverpool Offside, etc.

I like to get a feel for the fans and what they feel about teams that I only ever view as 'opponents' it's interesting to me. I really enjoy WAGNH, getting the perspective of a Chelsea fan is fascinating,

It's like a whole different discussion, the idea that anybody on the planet is a realistic signing, the juggling of wages and loans for FFP.

It's interesting to me.

My partner is an Arsenal fan, there is a mutual respect for each others teams in our house. We give each other a bit of stick especially leading up to a NLD but when we lost 5-2 at the Emirates she said nothing. Not one word. She took one look at my face at the end of it all and refused to put me through any more pain than I had already just experienced.

I'm not saying we're better than these fans, I'm saying we're luckier.

After all fans are just people and I don't really believe in people being better than other people.

There's something magical and special about being a Tottenham fan, all the disappointment and high stress, all the ups and downs, all the nice boys with their nice boy haircuts that you can genuinely get behind 100%.

Every signing like some battle victory where we have somehow overcome teams with more money or CL to get the guy we want, and somehow miraculously (nearly) always getting a reasonable price.

It's as far from a sense of entitlement as you can possibly get being a spur fan.

We know we are owed nothing and have to work for everything. When we win the league it will be because our squad played their hearts out against the odds for all 38 games and dropped down half dead at the end of it all.

It will be glorious.

I have that hope and that faith, despite the endless times that my hope and faith is severely tested by failure and near misses.

We will dare and we will do.

My partner and I used to rib each other about our children and who they would support, she'd say arsenal and I used to say things like.

"they'd be better off being an Arsenal fan. Being a spurs fan is a torture I wouldn't wish on them."

But I don't agree with that at all anymore.

It is torturous, but it's worth it.

If you watch sport and you enjoy the roller coaster of emotions that comes with supporting a team, the ups of winning and the downs of defeat, the jubilation of watching the ball ripple the net at one end of the pitch vs the sinking feeling of doom when it ripples your own.

Then you may as well experience it multiplied by a million.

That's supporting Tottenham for me.

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