Oh Bale!! The 81£ million pound dilemma.

The ‘ Gareth Bale to Real Madrid for ?? million pounds’ rumors refuse to go away. Various media outlets have been quoting bids from 60£ to as high as 100£ million. While I understand my ranting on this site wouldn't have an ounce of bearing on the transfer , I simply couldn't resist it.

So here I am trying to contemplate whether Tottenham should keep Gareth at any cost or whether the club would be better off with the stash.

Case for ‘MAKE HIM STAY’

Gareth was simply astounding last season, scoring important goals from that rocket-of- a-left foot, quite frankly, dragging the team at times. Gareth Bale is simply the ‘GO TO’ guy for the team. Moreover he remains integral to AvB’s plans to take the team to next level. If Daniel Levy persists with his tough stance of not entertaining any bids, it would mean a real statement of intent from the club. While his departure would definitely cripple the squad's morale. The arrivals of Paulinho and Nacer along with the potential arrival of Roberto Soldado have brought about renewed sense of optimism among the club and the supporters that the club can really make the holy grail of the Champions League and possibly even the title IF the club can hold on to Gareth Bale. It must not be denied that Tottenham stand a better chance to reaching the above goals WITH Bale.


While most football purists would advise against selling your best player, there are financial and economic factors which must be taken into account. Moreover, if Madrid are offering 80£ ,compounded with Bale’s alleged disgruntlement, it must be making even Daniel Levy shift uncomfortably in his seat. There is also the precipice that RM would not offer the same amount of money if Bale does not sign a new contract. Also quite possibly his value may fall if he cannot have the season he had the last time around. Moreover the 80£ would enable AvB to develop a more rounded team with world class players( hopefully more creative ones) and also enabling the club to go ahead with new stadium plans. Again it must not be denied (This being a die-hard Bale fan )that any bid in the range of 80£ million plus would be more than a fair valuation of the player.

While there is no easy solution to the above, in a fantasy world, I would love if we could tie down a willing and happy Gareth to a new long term contract and not feel the financial pinch by it. But we aint no Manchester City or PSG , and I am truly glad it is that way. This in the given circumstances I would prefer if we could convince Gazza to give us just one more season and get the Soldado deal done for the mind boggling 25£. It would enable us to have a real crack at the league. If after a season , we cannot get the Title or even the CL, I would be more than glad to let Gareth leave for any bid in the 60£ region and cut our expenses. But if the gamble pays off, it would truly propel us into Europe’s Elite.

What do you think??

Cheers and Thanks for Reading,

Any Alternative Views are always welcome.

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