Now What? A non-exhaustive list of potential strikers for Tottenham

Now that the potential for signing Gomez, Damiao, and (most importantly) Villa have all fallen through, a lot of people are talking about how Tottenham is in such a bad market space for good strikers. Levy is unwilling to spend the mega cash it takes to bring in a top-club-level striker, and what he is willing to spend will probably leave us hovering around the same levels as Adebayor and Defoe.

I've done a lot of searching over the past many hours and have come up with a list, a (VERY) non-exhaustive one, that lists some strikers/attackers that Tottenham could potentially swoop for. Some are obvious, some are #batcountry, and some are relative unknowns or just players that we haven't thought a lot about. So here goes. For now I'll break this up into the good, the bad, and the #batcountry - and then you can see below the total list I've made.

The "Good" - Players who are young with a lot of promise (maybe a streth financially), older players that are affordable and good:

Giuseppe Rossi - He wouldn't be available until January, but his low (£33,000/wk) could help compensate for his high transfer tag. His market value is about £30m but his release clause is £35m. Since transferring in January, though, injuries and other things have kept him out of all but 1 match for Fiorientina, which could drive the cost down a bit

Loic Remy - I know, I know, this could be qualified as "the bad" also, but hear me out. Remy was good in 11/12, QPR paid big money for him and brought him in and they got relegated. And even though Remy underperformed, I think you can blame some of that discord in the locker room and the lack of managerial consistency. At worst, I think Remy would be a good second/third option to give us depth as season drags on. Plus, using AVBs "earn your spot" management, it could drive him to produce and bring his level of production back to where it was in 11/12.

Hatem Ben-Arfa - This fella's a winger, not a striker, but a good attacker nonetheless. His fee should be low since he's on the last year of his contract and to make things even funnier, Liverpool are already interested in him.

Sebastian Giovinco - His £10m+ transfeer fee isn't too high, I'm not sure about his wages, but he's used to playing in a 4-3-3. Juve seems to be of the "buy high" mentality at the moment so it's not inconceivable that Giovinco could become, or is already, redundant.

Emmanuel Emenike - This one's actually my favorite. I had never heard of him until today, but he is super fast and has good positioning. Both his transfer and wage fees are easily done for Tottenham and his speed and opportunism will go well with Lennon and Bale. The other brilliant thing here is that Spartak Moscow finished 4th in the Russian Premier League last year leaving them in a Europa League spot, which bolsters our chances. (Video of his play:

Also from Spartak Moscow are wingers Ari and Welliton. Neither are goal-hunting wizards or anything, but their low wages and transfer fees make them easy targets. Gremio has a buy option on Wlliton though.

From PSG - Ezequiel Lavazzi and Jeremy Menez both have great potential and ability, moderate (somewhat high for Tottenham) transfeer fees and are redundant at PSG with all of the big names being brought in there.

The "Bad" - Players that are a little out of Tottenham's price range, or not worth the money, or "too old"

Hulk - £35m is a lot to spend and would more than double our current transfer record. Not saying he isn't worth the transfer fee, but the wages he's on at Zenit are absurd and caused huge problems in the locker room.

Luis Suarez - Again, £30m is really high and Suarez is a douche

The #BatCountry - Players we could chase if we were Chelsea or PSG

Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Those wages? lol

Wayne Rooney - Those wages AND that price tag? lol

Everyone else on my list falls between "the good" and "the bad". They're all worth a shot in one respect or another, and I loved to see most of them in a Tottenham kit if we could figure out a reasonable wage and transfer fee. List below:

Under 25s

Name Fee Wages

G.V. de Souza (Hulk) £35m £100,000/wk

Luis Suarez £30m+ £120,000/wk

Giuseppe Rossi £30m £33,000/wk

Loic Remy £6m - £7m £75,000/wk

Sebastian Giovinco £10m - £15m unknown

Hatem Ben Arfa £Low - Contract Unknown

Emmanuel Emenike £7m - £10m £40,000/wk

Jeremy Menez £16m (market) £56,000/wk

Welliton £3m unknown

Benteke £20m £20,000/wk

Luuk de Jong £9m unknown

Nelson Oliveira £2.5m unknown

Over 26 years:

Name Fee Wages

Ibrahimovic £27m £231,000/wk (lol)

Wayne Rooney £44m (lol) £250,000/wk (lol)

Ezequiel Lavezzi £23m £66,000/wk

Roberto Soldado £30m (release) £105,000/wk

Alvaro Negredo £18m £100,000/wk+

Burak Yilmaz £16m? £40,000/wk

Mario Mandzukic £20m £60,000/wk

Papiss Cisse £13m £100,000/wk+

Salamon Kalou £6m £50,000/wk

Ari (Sparta Moscow) £4m Unknown

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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