The Search for a Centerback

So, following the announcement that Steven Caulker has been sold to Cardiff City, Spurs are in need of a new defender to replace him. Let's check in on some candidates!

Vlad Chiriches

A relatively newly linked player for us, Chiriches is a 23 year old central defender who plays for Steaua Bucharest in Romania. Referred to by some as a "Vertonghen clone", Chiriches is a defender who plays with great vision and positional sense, plus the ability to go forward and join the attack if needed. He is regarded as one of the more promising defensive prospects in the world, having had Barcelona and Milan look in on him at points. Chiriches plays the same side of the pitch as Vertonghen and could be needed right away if purchased, especially with Vertonghen's recent injury. Steaua Bucharest are looking for a bid in the range of €8m (£6.9m) that we have apparently met already. The only speedbump is Steaua's chairman, who (from prison, no less) has apparently said "Who are Tottenham?! Do not do any transfer, my name is Gigi Becali, I'm not a slave to anybody! We have an important game in the Champion's League, why can't they wait? Until winter he will not leave under any circumstances. This could be a blow to Chiriches, but he should understand. He owes a lot to Steaua." Becali's influence with the club (again, from prison, no less) could prevent any possible transfer between Steaua and Tottenham.

Toby Alderweireld

A player who has been linked to Spurs for a while now, Toby Alderweireld is a central defender who can switch to right back if needed. He currently plays for AFC Ajax, but has been heavily linked with a move abroad to teams including Tottenham, Norwich City, Liverpool, and Napoli. This move would be beneficial to us for various reasons. One, the obvious reason, is that it would be cover for our starting defenders. Another would be how easy this transfer would be for us. Alderweireld is yet another Belgian player from their golden generation who could be lured to Spurs by our large Belgian contingent. Vertonghen, Dembele, and Chadli are all now with the club, and Alderweireld could be persuaded to come by all three. I don't think he would turn down a chance to gain experience and playing time alongside his back line counterpart on the national team. Alderweireld plays well when able to bully people with his physical strength and when he can sling long passes to forwards who are positioned for a shot on goal. Alderweireld's one difficulty that could mean we don't buy him is that he's primarily used as a right side center back. With Kaboul and Dawson covering that side, we are in need of a left side defender more than a right side one. He would most likely be available for €8m, same as Chiriches. Plenty of interest remains for Alderweireld, so he may go fast.

Jake Livermore?

So, this is what I've been seeing lately. Livermore possibly making the move back and becoming a central defender. Normally a defensive midifelder, Livermore has seen his playing time dwindle since making it into the first team. Jake has played at CB sparingly for us, mostly in u21 games at the end of last season and in the recent friendly against MK Dons. These are both more recent occurrences, so it may show a trend towards giving Livermore more time and training as a center back. Livermore is 6'2" and known for his strength on the pitch, with his best abilities coming in the form of defending and marking. He seems like he would fit as a center back and would cost the club nothing. Livermore would also work well as a short term option, costing the team nothing and covering for the injured Vertonghen. It would also be nice to find a spot for Livermore in the squad, especially with our growing midfield leaving him no playing time there.

Ali Dia

His cousin phoned me and told me he's a future star. Best option in my opinion.

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