CFCFPLPL datamonkey instructions and spreadsheet - for datamonkey eyes only

Heyo CFCPLPLers, and welcome to CFCFPLPL!


What is this?!

Here's the original post. It's a prediction league for every result in the season, head-to-head against your fellow commentariate members. Expose your unwitting biases, test and improve your EPL knowledge, enhance your interest in non-Spurs matches. Have a bit of fun.

Finalised participants list:

1 a01chtra datamonkey 1
2 siva&bale3 datamonkey 2
3 swede4spurs datamonkey 3

4 Llorita
5 3remite
6 zach_sharp datamonkey 4
7 joeydee93 datamonkey 5
8 SPURSallday
9 CAeveryday
10 Benoit's Smart Car datamonkey 6
11 Aslan the Melon
12 D_Train datamonkey 7
13 jmano
14 Ritchie C.
15 Danny Boy18
16 brett rainbow
17 Waiting for Shaq
18 Wilsy
19 Will-Da-Beast
20 a_numbers_game datamonkey 8
21 SomeWhiteGuy datamonkey 16
22 Cousin_Drew
23 matt.kostyk
24 Brendan Darr
25 Little Geeber
26 Sabrinaldinho datamonkey 9
27 Brixton17 datamonkey 10
28 Zeq41
29 jeffjones217 datamonkey 11
30 Maverickwearingspurs datamonkey 12
31 Danny Blanchflower
32 Polkaroo
33 bradsylo
34 JaffaSpurs
35 Snarfalicious
36 krieger datamonkey 13
37 djtomhanks datamonkey 14

38 Perpetual Dark Horse datamonkey 15
39 ATLantanham Bravospur datamonkey 17
40 Cotillion datamonkey 18 (standby)
41 MisterM
[42 real PL data]

I've finished the spreadsheet for datamonkeys (many thanks to monkatron in particular but also Brixton17 and MCofA for their advice!) and there is an instructional video below that shows you how to use it:

Datamonkey jobs:

  1. Receive your results from your allocated clients.
  2. Add 1 to either the w/d/l column for each of the 20 teams depending on whether they are predicted by your client to have won, drawn or lost.
  3. Add the correct number of goals scored and conceded by each of the 20 teams to their GF/GA column. If a team won 3-2, add 3 to their current GF and 2 to their current GA. There's a calculator to the right (number one, number two) which eliminates error if you're not confident in your maths. The likelihood is that if you concentrate a little, you shouldn't make any mistakes though.
  4. Finally, add the number of points for predictions the client has won. There's a calculator for this, too. Put in the number of exactly correct results (so in the 3-2 example if the real result was indeed 3-2), correct outcomes (in the 3-2 example, the right team winning but wrong scoreline) and wrong outcomes. This should always add up to 10, and the square will conveniently go green when it does add up to 10. The points won are then clearly displayed in the calculator, and you input it into the grey square for "points won" for the correct week.

You literally can't click in the wrong box because I've locked all the cells you shouldn't type in. There are also clear instructions written in the spreadsheet.

My feeling is that this won't take long and is manageable. What the spreadsheet then does is calculate everything else, including - once the realdata sheet is filled in at the end of the season - the differences between the predicted table and the real table, and all the points for each competitor. It's a pretty exciting thing, and it took rather a long time. Please, please, please agree to be a datamonkey if you haven't already. It just makes this whole thing work better. I expect a minimum of 17, please (so 7 new)! If you still think you can't, please comment why. If you don't comment why, I think I'll have to remove people unless the existing datamonkeys are happy to do 3 or 4 each.

Here's a screencast for you.

Here is the spreadsheet: Download this!

Right. That aside, all we need now is to allocate clients, discuss the best way of sending predictions out and then we can send off the predictions.

Allocations (D is for datamonkey, see list of participants above):

D1: 2, 3, 4 [for example: this means D1 (user A1) is datamonkey to 2, 3, 4 (siva, swede, llorita)]
D2: 1, 5, 6
D3: 7, 8, 9
D4: 10, 11, 12
D5: 13, 14
D6: 16, 17, 18
D7: 19, 20
D8: 22, 23
D9: 25, 27, 41
D10: 26, 29, 40
D11: 30, 31
D12: 33, 34
D13: 35, 37
D14: 30, 32, 38
D15: 28, 36
D16: 39, 24
D17: 15, 21
?D18: 41


Also each week when you're done please indicate so in this spreadsheet, which anyone with the link can edit. Probably a good idea to bookmark that one if you're a datamonkey. If you're not able to do so for a week or two, please ask someone else to fill in or indicate that you're going to catch up - again, in the spreadsheet. The only thing we can't afford is a backlog of work, and this should help avoid that.

Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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