Now that I have your attention, let's get down to business. I have a dentist appointment at 7:50 tomorrow, so this FanPost is likely to be filled with spelling and grammatical errors, have terrible organization and probably read like I wrote it on bath salts. I don't give a shit.

Anyway, npearl4spurs was organizing this. Dude's seriously A.W.O.L. at the moment. He might be dead. Actually he's not. His last login was August 9th and his last comment was July 22nd (I also know what he had for dinner last night but I refuse to divulge that information). Regardless, he's not here.

I'm not familiar with every single specific detail of this thing, but we definitely need somebody to run it if Pearl doesn't come back. I'm not going to do this because I am incompetent. But hopefully if we gather everybody in the comments here, we'll find somebody willing to do it. Here's the roll-call, which has all of the members and rules of the CPL:

It would be nice if we get the people who are regionless, as well as those who have not expressed interest but comment regularly and are listed thusly in the roll-call, to comment here. Ya'll are welcome, but the person who takes charge will have to assign you. We also have a bunch of new guys of whom I'm guessing at least a few will be interested. Jammersmuse will probably predict an Emma Blackery hat-trick every match and SeanFitzpatrick will probably post his predictions in an article about Lewis Holtby's recovery from injury. Don't worry, we still love you guys.

I also think that we don't really have all of the rules for GD set up. They might be in the comments of the roll-call, but I think it's still a work in progress. As for now, I think we should just put everything here. Post your week one predictions, try to get the whole GD sorted out (I'm in favor of predicting Spurs' goal-scorers, for what little my opinion is worth), and try to find someone to take on the task of organizing the league.

I'm going to be running around tomorrow, and at the beach the next few days, so I won't have time to spread this around. Somebody PLEASE post this to tomorrow's Hoddle (technically today's but whatevs) and try to get the attention of everyone who volunteered to be a part of this league. Comment and rec or whatever it takes to get this onto the front page so everybody sees it. I didn't do the full prediction league because I was counting on doing this and thought it would be enough, so I would really like for this to happen.

Somebody with a less weird Twitter name than me can also tweet at Pearl (@nathan_pearl) or DM him, and see if he wants to come back to do this.

I'll close with my Week 1 prediction: Crystal Palace 1-2 Spurs (Soldado, Siggy)


Before you write a FanPost: Lurk! Comment! Talk with your fellow members! If you've been here for more than a couple of days and you know what's up, write away!

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