25 Spots and 27 Spurs - How to Sort the Squad

After lurking and randomly commenting for two years, I’ve decided to man up and write something.

Today is August 2nd. Currently, there are 27 senior players onTottenham’s roster. Spurs can only register 25 as all 27 of these are not U-21’s. Let’s run down the list to see who might be part of this year’s squad.

Absolute Locks To Stay

In the first Spiderman movie (the good one, with Toby Maguire), Bonesaw tells young Spiderman in a cage wresting match “You’re goin’ nooooowhere” in a thick raspy voice. I imagine this is what AVB would tell these players if they had an offer put in for them.

Paulinho, Chadli, Soldado. File these under “DUH.”

Lloris is most likely the best keeper in the premier league, and the best keeper you’ll probably ever see in a Spurs kit (I hope I’m wrong- high hopes for the future).

Sandro is a world-class CDM. He’s a beast! We’d all love to see him get through a season fit and I think this year is a great shot for it (he won’t have to play every game). Paulinho and Sandro would probably benefit from playing together for World Cup purposes too.

Dembele arrived last year on a good fee. He was a critical part of our midfield. He’s got 2 national teammates here in a World Cup year. Do I need to say more?

Walker, Vertonghen, Kaboul – 3 critical parts to our defense, and likely to AVB’s high line system. Don’t expect any movement this year on any of these.

Caulker Well, crap.

Friedel is a perfect backup keeper for this year. How many years does he have left in him at the top level? I don’t know that but I do know Brad is a good enough back up for a year or two until a younger keeper is found. On the subject of backup keepers…

Probably on the Way Out

All four of these guys were great for Spurs at one time or another. Now is not that time.

Gomes could see his time at Spurs come to an end. Gomes can command a fee of some sort and I think it’s likely he leaves permanently or again on loan.

Livermore seems like a good shot to be leaving. He’s young and has started premier league matches but his talent and skills don’t line up with what AVB needs. Couple that with more expensive toys in the box, and he won’t be seeing too much playing time. A loan or sale seem equally likely to me. He may be backing up at CB unless a replacement is found though, which throws a bigger wrench into this question.

Huddlestone is fantastic passer. He’s also slow and (it seems) AVB’s system doesn’t support that very well. He could command a decent fee from another squad that lacks creativity. Rumors have gone around before about him leaving, and it shouldn’t shock anyone if he does.

Dempsey is a garbage man and the USMNT captain. For that much, I love the man. However, he’s getting older. We could sell him for almost as much as we paid. He will want playing time ahead of the WC and he won’t find loads of it at White Hart Lane. If a suitor is found, I’m sure he’s gone. Seriously I love him and I’m glad he was a Spur, if only for a year. (Rabblerabble #DempseyWatch... I started writing before that)

IIf the Price is Right

Adebayor or Defoe. One or the other might go but we can’t start a season with only Soldado. I don’t see moves for either of these two and I like them on roster behind Soldado. They’ve been clutch at times but equally frustrating, so a move isn’t out of the question. Like BBQ, everyone has their favorite and I'm staying neutral. We’d love a younger striker to play, but I’m not sure we get the right fee for either of these two to bring in a proper replacement.

Parker we could live without. He adds to the MF depth we need, but his role last year was….unique. He may still have a part to play though. He’s English, and that’ll help his case to stay. Realistically though, he’s not getting any younger, and tactically I can’t be sure he adds much to the team.

Dawson After losing Caulker, he’s here to stay.

Townsend is a future star. He’s a very skilled winger and I hope he’s here to stay. I hope that his personal issue gets resolved. A premier league loan would be good for spurs and the player.That’s my only option, if I’m in charge.

Playing the Part

These guys are likely to stay. I just don’t see a scenario where we’d be convinced they should leave, nor am I aware of a team that drastically needs them.

Sigurdsson – I like the way he plays a lot and hope he stays for a long time. I think he’ll be rotating in and out of starting at CAM.

Holtby was the deal of the century! Watching him play this year should be a delight.

Dawson is the epitome of team player and leader. He’s shown that old dogs can learn new tricks.

Lennon is a fantastic winger, and although he may not fit AVB’s system perfectly, he’s not leaving for cheap and I can’t see anybody asking for him.

Carroll may not find a ton of playing time in our giant midfield roster, but when he does he will shine, and he’ll do it in AVB’s system (rather than some nonsense elsewhere). He wasn’t loaned out last year as he was still a U-21. I hope he isn’t loaned this year, and I don’t think he will be.


The fullbacks - Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Danny Rose, Kyle Naughton are a mystery. A decent fee might see one of the three go. At this point, we are short a defender and I think keeping all three might be good cover for a season where we look to challenge top four and 3 cups.

Definitely, Maybe - Good ol’ Garry Bale. Y’all know this story. I’m done.

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